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Benefits of GCash iGaming platforms

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By , Updated On July 20, 2023

As of May 2023, GCash boasts 81 million active users and 2.5 million sellers and merchants across the Philippines. The surge of digital payments during the COVID-19 pandemic further fueled the growth, securing its spot as the country’s No.2 Finance Super App. With a focus on smooth, easy, and secure transactions, GCash is now a preferred choice for online casino gamblers, among other payment methods.

The Rise of GCash in the iGaming Industry

GCash is a result of user-friendly features tailored to the needs of the modern gamer. Users transact real-time payments and withdrawals, enjoy lower transaction fees, and benefit from a mobile-focused experience. This has attracted a significant user base to use GCash in the online gambling industry.

Wallet’s increasing popularity can be witnessed in its adoption by many legit online casinos. Experts, analysts, and professional players also drew attention to this. In fact, reviews of legit online casinos in the Philippines with GCash highlight the platform’s commitment to ensuring secure payments, preserving users’ privacy, and providing a streamlined gaming experience. Together, positive feedback from players and expert reviews form a positive reputation for the service.

Advantages of Using GCash in iGaming Platforms

Harnessing the benefits of using GCash as a payment option can significantly elevate the iGaming experience. This is particularly true for gaming in the Philippines, where GCash is leading the revolution of mobile money services. GCash has a design that focuses on the user. The service aims to make transactions smooth, safe, and quick. This design helps solve problems gamers usually have with traditional ways of paying. 

GCash makes it easy to access your money. It also makes transactions faster and has lower fees. Plus, it has extra security measures. All these features make GCash a complete solution for the changing needs of the online gaming community. Now, let’s look at the specific ways GCash can benefit online gaming.

Convenience and accessibility

GCash provides users with a convenient and easily accessible payment method. Users access their funds anytime, anywhere, with just a mobile phone and a GCash account. This level of convenience has made GCash an integral part of the everyday life of many Filipinos, making it an ideal solution for online gaming. Its integration into daily transactions makes it easy for gamers to manage their funds, allowing them to focus on the game rather than worrying about payment issues.

Speed of transactions

One of the key advantages of GCash is the speed of transactions. Users instantly deposit funds into their gaming account and equally withdraw their winnings easily. This ensures that gamers engage with their preferred games without any delays.

Secure payments and privacy

GCash prioritizes the security of users’ funds and personal information. A testament to their commitment to security is the introduction of GCash DoubleSafe, a feature that adds an extra layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access.

GCash DoubleSafe employs a selfie scan for fully verified users or an additional OTP (One-Time Password) for non-verified users, ensuring that only the account owner can access the GCash account on any device. This feature is activated upon the first login on a new device.

For fully verified users, a selfie scan is required, which is a simple yet effective biometric measure. Non-verified users, on the other hand, will need to enter an additional OTP after keying in their MPIN when logging in.

Lower transaction fees

Compared to traditional banking methods, GCash offers lower transaction fees, which is a significant advantage for gamers. Lower fees mean gamers may maximize their gaming funds, leading to a great gaming experience.

Product Fee Description Fee Amount
Cash in via linked bank account in the GCash app (BPI and Unionbank) FREE
Cash in via the bank’s mobile banking app. Fees depend on bank partners. Visit Cash in via Bank/EMI for detailed information ₱0 to ₱50
Cash in via remittance in the GCash app (Moneygram, WU) FREE
Cash in via Over-The-Counter outlets will have a fee once users exceed the monthly free limit of Php8,000. 2%
Cash Out via Over-The-Counter outlets is charged with a withdrawal fee. 2%
Cash Out via ATM withdrawal fee *as charged by banks servicing the ATMs ₱10 to ₱18
Cash Out via ATM Withdrawal fee (International) ₱150
GCash Mastercard Offline Card Purchase ₱150
GCash Mastercard Online Card Purchase. Visit How do I apply for a GCash Mastercard to learn more ₱215
GCredit The interest charged for the total credit purchased within the billing period. 5-7%
GLoan One-time processing fee in addition to the loan amount 3%
GLoan Penalty fee which is set to 1% of the loan amount, plus 0.15% of your total outstanding balance that will be charged daily 1% of Loan Amount + 0.15% outstanding balance
Pay Bills Billers with fixed fees*Please refer to app for actual fees per biller ₱0 to ₱60
Pay Bills Billers with percentage-based fees*Please refer to app for actual fees per biller 2%
Send Money via Express Send FREE
Send Money via Bank Transfer ₱15
Send Money via Send with a Clip FREE
Send Money via Ang Pao FREE
Send Money via GCash Padala ₱5 or 1.5%
Request Money via Request Money or KKB FREE
Buy Load Convenience fee for Smart products Regular Load – 2% of load amount
Buy Load Convenience fee for Smart products Promo Load worth Php 100 and below – Php 1
Buy Load Convenience fee for Smart products Promo Load worth above Php 100 – Php 2
General Account Balance Inquiry via ATM ₱3
General Account Balance Inquiry via ATM (International) ₱50
General Account Dormancy fee ₱50

Mobile-focused experience

GCash’s mobile-focused platform aligns perfectly with the mobile gaming trend. It allows users to manage their funds directly from their smartphones, which is especially useful for gamers preferring to play on mobile devices.

Promotions and bonuses

Many casinos in the Philippines, including 22Win, offer special promotions and bonuses for those who deposit funds through GCash. These incentives provide gamers with additional funds to play with, creating a rewarding gaming experience. Whether it’s a welcome bonus for new users or loyalty rewards for regular players, GCash customers enjoy these benefits, enhancing their online gaming journey. This makes GCash a preferred payment method among online gamers.

The Future of GCash in iGaming

GCash keeps creating new things and growing services. One cool thing they did recently is called GCash DoubleSafe. This is a special feature that helps keep your account secure. It uses things like facial recognition and OTP (a unique code that only you get) to make sure you’re the only one who can access your account.

GCash also keeps getting users. Each year, people in the Philippines register for GCash. According to the statistic, by 2022, they had about 60 million users.

Furthermore, GCash is actively expanding different partnerships with online gaming platforms. Several online casinos, including 22Win, now offer special promotions and bonuses for users depositing funds through GCash. This trend is expected to continue, with different online casinos likely to integrate GCash as a payment option in the future.

FAQs about GCash

How do I set up a GCash account?

Setting up a GCash account is simple. You need a mobile phone and a valid identification document. Download the GCash app from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions for registration. After successful registration, you’ll be able to access all the features of GCash, including online gaming transactions.

How can I load money into my GCash wallet?

Loading money into your GCash wallet is convenient and can be done in various ways. You can cash in via linked bank accounts like BPI, RCBC, and UnionBank directly through the GCash app for free. Cash in via your bank’s mobile banking app or over-the-counter outlets. However, fees may apply depending on your bank’s policy and the outlet’s service charge.

Is GCash safe to use?

Yes, GCash is safe to use. The platform focuses on keeping users’ funds and personal data secure. GCash uses a few different security measures to achieve this.

One of these measures is encryption. This is used for all transactions made through GCash.

Another measure is a feature called GCash DoubleSafe. This feature helps make sure that only the account owner can access their GCash account. It uses either a selfie scan or an additional OTP (One-Time Password) for verification. GCash also respects privacy and does not share personal data with third parties.