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Founded in August 2021 by, Ademu Anthony, Deficonnect a metamorphosized digital community that offers its members access to a world of cryptocurrency and its ever-growing advantages keeps leveling up her game to becoming one of the finest and leading crypto platforms in the world.

In addition to buying, selling, and planting crypto, Deficonnect helps her investors earn, spend and learn about crypto, as well as providing payment ease and the visualization of spending DFC tokens as dollars, speeding up crypto adoption whilst collecting other tokens using Defipay, a payment gateway wholly owned by the Deficonnect platform. 

“It may interest you to know that within four (4) months of our inception in 2021, we diversified in the area of revenue stream, expanded to new territories, invested in connecting our investors to real-world applications of DFC through the launching of a multi-level marketing tool Defipay, and partnered with a lot of global crypto influencers like Casper who has over two hundred thousand (200,000) subscribers on YouTube,” said Mr. Ademu Anthony, Founder and CEO Deficonnect.

Within a short period of time, we have recorded growth beyond imagination. In four months, Deficonnect has:

  • Launched her planting of DFC tokens (DFC PLANTING AND EARNING) that allows users to earn over 190% of the invested seed size. To date, Deficonnect planting has originated over 38,000 happy beneficiaries.  
  • Acquired help to launch Defipay, a payment gateway which offers real-time crypto solutions, taking a step further above the level of trading on exchanges but now serving as a connection into a lot of real life applications and opportunities like healthcare insurance, logistics and transportation using a specialized payment medium unique to her and which is inaccessible in another ecosystem cryptocurrency although not yet running but currently partnering with over one thousand (1000) merchants.


  • Listed on major global exchanges, including the robust Bitmart, Coinmarket cap, and a host of others ranging to about ten (10). In no time, Deficonnect will be on Binance as her roadmap which she ardently follows tell us. 
  • Birthed her Multi-level marketing Launchpad developed with an immaculate Smart Contract-Based MLM platform service to enable companies to bring onboard their multi-level marketing structures, crowdfunding and referral programs. This is your best bet to succeed in your MLM business and other fields in the financial services industry.
  • An active growing community with over thirty-five thousand (35000) followers on telegram and other social media platforms.
  • Launched Learn and Earn with Deficonnect, an open-access educational training for all things crypto. 

Additionally, Deficonnect has increased her geographical footprints by getting listed on various global top exchanges like the UK- Bitmart, USA- Coinmarket cap just to mention a few, and partnering with top notch crypto influencers worldwide.

”We are committed and incredibly excited to build on the frontier of crypto, pioneering investors around the world with more ease, functionality, and flexibility under a safe a secured platform that puts them first.” Deficonnect is the portal into crypto for new and seasoned investors alike,” said Ademu Anthony Founder and CEO of Deficonnect. “The investors that we have brought on in this share our ambitious vision for the future.”



Ayoola Fadirepo

Head of Marketing, Deficonnect.