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In October 2021, the digital payment service Neteller added a new feature to its e-wallet, allowing customers to purchase a range of cryptocurrencies using their fiat balance. This service gives users a fast and simple route to holding an interest in cryptos.

All that a customer needs is a Neteller digital wallet and an external crypto wallet such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. In the withdrawal section of the Neteller wallet, users can choose to withdraw to this crypto wallet for an instant conversion. Customers simply choose the fiat amount that they wish to convert and enter the crypto wallet address. Transactions are fast, often instant, and the minimum conversion is the equivalent of one US dollar. 

Another route to buying crypto with Neteller is through the use of a crypto broker. This is a middleman service that takes care of many of the trickier aspects of trading in crypto, and also adds an extra layer of security. With some brokers, there is not even the need for a separate crypto wallet, although it is advisable to keep non-traded crypto in a hardware wallet. Peer-to-peer crypto transactions are also available via Neteller, but it is incumbent on the user to ensure that the exchange is with a trustworthy individual.

Neteller has facilitated this cryptocurrency service via partnerships with crypto exchanges. At present around forty fiat currencies are supported, including USD, GBP, and EUR. Available cryptos are also at forty and counting and include the most popular such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu. There are a number of exchange pairings, with Bitcoin having the most.


The service is not yet available in every Neteller-supported country, but users in Canada, Australia, the UK, and some others already have access. 

Secure transactions at Neteller casinos

Neteller is known to be an extremely secure payment platform, and it also facilitates very fast transactions when compared to other methods. For these reasons, it has always been a popular way to make payments and withdrawals at online casino sites. Today there are several legitimate online casinos that accept Neteller, and many are now supporting crypto payments as well.


Casinos are just one example of the many online spaces where Neteller can be used. Other areas where Neteller is a popular payment option are forex trading, marketing, social media sites, and advertising. However, a majority of the company’s revenue derives from the online casino market. The platform is available in many countries around the world, with a focus on Europe. 

More about Neteller

Neteller is part of the UK-based Paysafe group, which also owns Paysafecard and Skrill. Paysafecard is a secure prepaid card that can be used to make online payments and purchases. Until Skrill was acquired by Paysafe in 2015, it was a direct competitor of Neteller. Skrill also provides a cryptocurrency service to its customers.


Although it is not a bank, Neteller can be connected to bank accounts or credit cards to transfer funds. Users can exchange money directly between Neteller accounts, or it can be used at online vendors who display the Neteller sign at the checkout. The company also supplies a physical prepaid card called Net+, which can be used as a Mastercard. 


Paysafe is one of the longest-standing players in online payments, having been in existence for more than two decades. In 2020 its users made transactions to the value of more than one hundred billion USD. The company has locations around the world, employing more than three thousand people. 

Buying crypto in 2022

The recent slump in the cryptocurrency sector could actually be good news for first-time investors. Crypto is notoriously volatile, and the market is almost certain to bounce back in the future. Existing holders may have seen a lot of their crypto value wiped out, but now is a good time to buy while it is down. 

Ever since the invention of Bitcoin, the price of crypto has gone up and down dramatically. This latest drop is just one of many that have occurred in the past thirteen years. The last crash occurred in 2020, when Bitcoin users lost a collective 300 billion USD in value. Crypto is an unregulated market, an ongoing monetary experiment to bypass the constraints of fiat currencies and their usual channels. Investing is high risk, but the rewards can be astronomical. 

After the 2020 crash, there was a swing in the other direction, and many cryptos reached their highest value ever. In response to several contributing factors, including the price peak itself, the trend reversed once more. One of the most significant contributors to the subsequent crash was the collapse of TerraUSD, a so-called stablecoin with what is supposed to be a fixed value. 

If the past is anything to go by, the rebound will gather momentum soon. Using Neteller is an easy and secure way to start buying crypto, and now is the best time to get involved.