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Crypto Legions V3 Play-to-Earn Game Is Set to Launch on BSC Network

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By , Updated On September 23, 2022

Crypto Games Agency, Play-to-Earn specialists and creators of Crypto Legions, is gearing up for an exciting start of their new game on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022. Both the game and token will launch together at release on BSC Network.


After placing themselves among the top play-to-earn games on BSC Network, Crypto Gaming Agency has developed eight unique features in the highly anticipated V3 game that no other lucrative Play-to-Earn game on the BSC Network has. These features can be further examined by visiting Crypto Legions Whitepaper. The team is exceptionally player focused and is driven to bring the best play-to-earn experience they can through transparency and innovation after considering the community’s feedback from V2.


Crypto Legion’s token Bloodstone ($BLV3) will be available to trade on PancakeSwap, followed immediately by the game’s launch. There are 5,000,000 tokens in total supply. 


Crypto Legion’s team shares details, excitement builds over the upcoming launch

In an exclusive interview, the company’s Lead Developer adds, “We are very excited to launch our new game, Crypto Legions V3. Our previous game was the longest-lasting Play-to-Earn NFT game on the BSC Network in 2022, with a lucrative ROI for players, and now what we’ve created in Version 3 is even more powerful. The economic system has been greatly enhanced, and we’ve solved the longevity problem for Play-to-Earn NFT games with our brand-new Play Forever Earn Forever system.”

After an open poll with the game’s growing community, Danny H, the company’s founder, said, “We’ve made some very big changes to the economic system and opened up a lot more opportunities for players, traders, referrers, and investors to make great profits. We expect the token launch and game to be a huge success due to the popular demand for our game among P2E players and investors.”


About Crypto Gaming Agency

Crypto Gaming Agency is the benchmark for Play-to-Earn gaming development and results. After creating multiple successful titles, they have expanded their team and opened the door for anyone to create their own turnkey play-to-earn game. Clients will choose a theme, anything from dogs to dragons, and they will deliver a finished, coded project that comes with social media accounts, storylines, graphics, tokens, marketing, and assistance with the game launch. With their experience, Crypto Gaming Agency offers a completed project in one month—taking you from an idea to a game in thirty days.

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