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The Indian government considers a ‘reverse charge’ tax on foreign crypto platforms.

India plans to charge an 18% ‘reserve charge’ to investors on overseas platforms that invest in virtual digital assets. When a reverse charge is assessed, the recipient imposes tax liability on goods or services instead of the supplier.   Key Point:  A tax of 18% might be levied. An official with the Indian government is […]

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After extreme crypto community pressure, Terraform Lab’s legal team allegedly left the company.

Some speculated that the legal team’s possible departure could be related to money issues. In contrast, others wanted Do Kwon to face legal action.   Following the supposed change in employment status of many Terraform Labs’ legal department members, the ongoing saga has taken a turn. According to their Linkedin profiles, the counsel of the […]

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Terra’s Co-founder Officially Announced The Hard Forking Terra (LUNA) To Preserve The Terra Ecosystem

The CEO and founder of Terraform Labs have introduced “Luna Classic” Hard Fork to stabilize its ecosystem.  Key Insights: The old terra blockchain will be known as “Terra Classic.”  Terra (LUNA) will become Terra (LUNC) once the Hard Form proceeds ahead “LUNA” holders and developers will get billions of new Terra tokens named “LUNC” once […]

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Will Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) recover again after getting dumped almost 100% ? Experts Say

The Crypto market crashed because of 3 reasons. See what Experts Forecast.   Terra and UST are becoming more painful nightmares for every individual investor. First and foremost, nearly every small and big investor lost their money. Money is not everything, but losing hard earn money is painful.   Every individual investor is now convinced that […]

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How To: Gaming with Crypto

Since Bitcoin’s inception 5 years ago, it has grown in popularity to the point that individuals all around the world are beginning to see the advantages of using digital currencies. Because of their rising popularity, cryptocurrencies are now accepted as a payment method by a growing number of online businesses.   The online casino industry […]

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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways in Canada

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency adoption in Canada have been on a massive rise recently. In fact, as early as 2013, the first bitcoin atm in the world became operational at a Coffee shop in Vancouver. Although it took a lot of time for the majority of Canadians to catch up with the crypto rave, since […]

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Withdrawal of Terra (LUNA) and Stablecoins UST Suspended Temporarily by World’s Top Crypto Exchange BINANCE

  Tarra (LUNA) overall crashes more than 45% and 20% in just the last 24 hours. According to the latest Terra LUNA news, Binance has Temporarily suspended the withdrawal on Terra (LUNA) and UST Crypto stablecoins on 10th May 2022 due to a high volume of pending withdrawal transactions and recovered its peg to the […]

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3 Reasons Behind The Crypto Market Crash – and Experts Forecast More Pain Ahead

Crypto investors have been facing a terrific down face of the crypto for the last couple of months. At the time of writing today, bitcoin today’s price is $30,000, and it has dropped 40% since mid-November 2021.   Bitcoin crash, 2022 has been a very crucial year for Bitcoin and the whole crypto market, but analysts […]

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Terra founder explains what happens to UST if BTC value crashes

Terra crypto founder, Do Kwon, talked about the future of the stablecoin company should a Bitcoin crash occur. The UST crypto developers have gone up to the eye of the mainstream due to the clamouring for stablecoins as a direct response to the volatility of Bitcoin price on exchanges such as Redot crypto exchange. While […]

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Musk Effect” – What Twitter Deal Means For Dogecoin And Bitcoin

The crypto community is buzzing about Elon Musk’s $44 billion bid to acquire Twitter. It has the potential to have a major impact on digital assets. As a long-time proponent of cryptocurrencies, Tesla (ticker: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has now placed his money where his mouth is. As of the end of March, Tesla had […]