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The Crypto market crashed because of 3 reasons. See what Experts Forecast.


Terra and UST are becoming more painful nightmares for every individual investor. First and foremost, nearly every small and big investor lost their money. Money is not everything, but losing hard earn money is painful.  

Every individual investor is now convinced that Terra LUNA will never go up again. According to the latest updates, the Terra LUNA teams are working diligently to handle the network. Now, the eyes are on the price of Terra/UST. 

As a result of one of the biggest meltdowns in Binance’s history, Terraform Labs’ Terra (Luna) and TerraUSD (UST) tokens are no longer for sale on its platform.

The exchange has indefinitely suspended several pairs of Luna and UST tokens since these tokens lost nearly 100% of their value within days of losing nearly 5% each.

Now. It is very formidable to trust Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST). Investors are still investing in LUNA/UST to get the dip and make some decent profit, or they have lost their life savings and they hoping for a miracle.  


The founder of Terra network should think about recovering it as soon as possible and launch a good plan to rescue the investor’s life savings. 

Do Kwon, the founder of Terra, has a lot of opinions about that. Since the project began to tank seriously, Kwon has been trying to assuage investors. His strategy of salvaging the product is to apply the three strategies developed by the developers.

TerraUSD (UST-USD) will be burned in its first two parts in order to stabilize the token at $1 again. Burnt out, more than 371 million UST is still on the Ethereum (ETH), as will all UST remaining in the Terra community pool. In the third plan, stack 240 million LUNA to governance stability and keep whales away from seizing the network control.  

Additionally, the developers are going to adopt a community proposal to increase UST burn rates. Additionally, they temporarily froze all unfinished transactions on the blockchain. LUNA is currently available at a low price, so users cannot take advantage of its sale by purchasing it at once.


Analysts Can’t able Decide the LUNA/UST Crypto Recovery in future.

LUNA is now trading at now at only the part of the one-cent. All investors have almost near to hurling their hands. Terra may have a recovery plan, but can it save the terra network and its community?

Doubts are common among many. Several investors have already written off the network’s project, as most online talk is negative. Although LUNA has exceptionally low costs, Trevor Jennewine recommends investors stay away from it for now. Also, price prediction sites like CoinPriceForecast and DigitalCoinPrice do not see the network growing soon.


Can Terra Luna Price ever recover and come back on Track?

In the history of cryptocurrency, an incident like Terra’s was never-seen-before. Terra community collide and dought teh stability of Terra and UST. As of now, the terra network has been halted, which may start again or may not. At this time, keep hoping and try to recover losses slowly and safely.

Tokens in circulation must either be destroyed or the LUNA-UST peg mechanism altered, as discussed earlier. A minor recovery can only be expected when supply scarcity spreads, but trading at the same pace as before may be a hope.s a pipe dream


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