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YouHodler Review 2023

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By , Updated On August 21, 2023

YouHodler is an adaptable FinTech platform providing a wide range of Web3 crypto and fiat services. Catering to “active HODLers”, YouHodler’s features help them use digital assets in innovative ways beyond traditional holding and trading. 

YouHodler supports all major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. 

Features include:

  • crypto/fiat wallets, 
  • cryptocurrency exchange, 
  • trading, 
  • lending, 
  • and crypto-reward services.

All of the above are supplemented by traditional payment on/off ramps. 

YouHodler advertises itself as a “front-runner” in Web3 finance – the next logical evolutionary step in finance. 

YouHodler Summary

Area of operation Worldwide (except select countries)
Year founded 2018
Available cryptocurrencies 50+
Native token Not available
Available fiat currencies USD, EUR, CHF, and GBP
Trading  Universal crypto/fiat conversion
Average APR 12%
Mobile app iOS and Android
Customer support 24/7 live chat, email, and help desk
Minimum deposit  $100
Deposit methods and fees Crypto/stablecoins (no fee), bank wire (SEPA free, USD SWIFT $25), Apple Pay (1.%), Bank card (1%), AdvCash (1 – 4.5%)
Trading fees Yes
Withdrawal fees Yes (for certain currencies)


YouHodler deep dive

YouHodler started in 2018 as a simple crypto-lending platform. Over the years it has evolved into an efficient FinTech platform offering various products and services for crypto traders and holders. 

Currently, YouHodler’s primary features include:

  • MultiHODL: A user-friendly crypto trading interface and advanced suite of risk mitigation tools. MultiHODL is unique compared to other traditional trading platforms as it allows traders to maximize their profits via low and transparent costs. Traders can open up positions on more than 60 trading pairs using YouHodler’s“chain of loans” engine to multiply initial capital.
  • Crypto loans: Loan seekers can use the top 50 cryptocurrencies as collateral for a crypto-backed loan with loan-to-value ratios of up to 90%. Get a loan in USD, EUR, CHF GBP, stablecoins, or cryptocurrency. Users can withdraw the loan directly to credit cards, bank cards, bank accounts, or exchanges. 
  • Crypto exchange: Exchange any cryptocurrency on the platform with fiat, and stablecoins with real-time execution prices and low fees. Users can also buy crypto with Visa and Mastercard credit cards and SEPA bank accounts.
  • Loyalty Program: YouHodler’s Loyalty Program allows participants to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards, get increased yield rates on crypto wallets and increase portfolio limits. It consists of Cloud Miner and Yield accounts. Cloud Miner is a gamified approach to Bitcoin mining with real BTC rewards on an hourly basis. Yield accounts generate up to 15% APR with weekly payouts and without locking periods or minimum holding limits. With the Loyalty program, any client can earn yield simply by depositing cryptocurrency to YouHodler. 
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  • Web3 Wallet: As the future of Web3 finance begins to take form, YouHodler is currently building a Web3 wallet that allows decentralized applications and on-chain staking in addition to all of YouHodler’s other features. According to the website, YouHodler’s web3 wallet will also allow traditional bond investment and the ability to make purchases via a physical crypto card with up to  5% cashback. 

How to use YouHodler?

YouHodler offers a clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface that’s hassle-free for “newbies” yet advanced enough for experienced crypto enthusiasts. To use YouHodler, simply download the iOS or Android app from the app store or try the web version at

As described above, YouHodler has several features for various levels of crypto knowledge. The most straightforward feature is the YouHodler wallet. Here, users can deposit crypto, fiat, or stablecoins for storage and investment. Users can also convert funds in the wallet to any other currency on the platform. Furthermore, all crypto and stablecoin wallets on YouHodler generate rewards simply for keeping funds in the wallet. 

Once funds are deposited to the YouHodler wallet, users can explore the other features listed on the app/site 

YouHodler safety and security

Safety is always a huge concern when considering new crypto platforms. YouHodler takes it very seriously. The platform features three-factor authentication (3FA) for an extra layer of security. Furthermore, YouHodler is insured with LedgerValut’s advanced custody and FireBlocks security options. 

Users can look forward to a non-custodial Web3 wallet coming soon as well. Until then, YouHodler secures all client funds in a mixture of hot and cold wallets that are safe and offline. The company also has partnered with reputable Swiss and EU banks to safely store users’ borrowed funds.

Lastly, Regulation is also a large part of asset security. YouHodler is regulated by both EU and Swiss Financial institutions, some of the most strict in the world. This ensures YouHodler is legally bound by contracts in these regions to follow all guidelines. 


Client relations and support

YouHodler has a highly rated client relations/support team according to platform users. Users can speak to a live agent at any time and on any day. Furthermore, YouHodler has a dedicated Help Desk to inform users about certain products and discuss the platform’s terms and conditions.

The YouHodler blog is also a free educational resource with new articles each week. For beginner traders or experts, this is a good way to learn about market trends, popular trading strategies, and company updates. 


YouHodler Review: The Bottom Line

In an industry that is populated with untrustworthy and anonymous platforms, YouHodler is a breath of fresh air. It is a legitimate platform with a large, experienced team behind it. The platform is ideal for the creative crypto holder who doesn’t want to just HODL and be at the mercy of the market. 

YouHodler’s innovative solutions can help crypto holders trade crypto, earn crypto, exchange crypto, and lend crypto all within the confines of an easy-to-use crypto wallet. 

While the platform might not be suited for those looking for long-term trades or loans, it is a viable option for the short to mid-term. Compared to other, similar sites, YouHodler’s fees are very competitive and reasonable. Furthermore, the platform has had a drama-free history since 2018, something that can not be said for most in this industry. 

So the bottom line is if you’re a crypto holder looking for more flexibility with your crypto and even looking for ways to potentially grow your stack, then YouHodler is a good choice. It opens up some new doors not found on other platforms and does it all with creativity and security. 

YouHodler FAQs

Is YouHodler legit?

Yes, YouHodler is a legitimate platform authorized to operate in the EU and Switzerland. YouHodler’s CEO is a Crypto Valley Association Board Member in Switzerland and an Innovaud Ambassador. They are partnered with some of the biggest names in the crypto security space to ensure maximum client safety.

Who is the owner of YouHodler?

Ilya Volkov is the the CEO and Co-Founder of YouHodler. Ilya has over 15 years of professional FinTech, commercial finance, and trading experience. He is also the Western Chapter Chair of the Crypto Valley Association based in Switzerland. 

Where is YouHodler?

YouHodler is based in the E.U. (Cyprus, France, and Italy) and Switzerland (Lausanne).