Market Cap: $1,986,072,881,807
24h Vol: $62,737,246,115.28
BTC Dominance: 40.136872094374%
Cryptocurrencies: 9,241
Markets: 52,931
Eth Gas: 137 Gwei


Aave (AAVE)

Ft 67,585.78 HUF (0.60%)
0.00509785 BTC

Low (24h)

High (24h)

Ft 66,244.46

Ft 69,711.78


Market Cap

Ft 911,347,964,515.55 HUF

Volume (24h)

Ft 60,433,235,177.60 HUF

Circulating Supply

13,484,300 AAVE

Max Supply

16,000,000 AAVE

Aave Latest News

Aave Stock Price Chart

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Aave (AAVE) Price in HUF with Live Chart & Market Cap

About Aave :

Aave is one of the leading Defi cryptocurrencies. It is an emerging decentralized protocol and one of the most significant Defi coins by its market cap. The concept of Aave is unique. Aave is a decentralized system that allows users to earn interest on their crypto assets without any middleman. Users can borrow and lend crypto and take an interest through it. If you have a crypto holding, then you can provide liquidity at Aave protocol and earn more. Aave ...

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Fully Diluted Market Cap

Ft 1,081,372,467,930.19

Total Value Locked (TVL)

Ft 4,147,439,260,183

Market Dominance


Volume / Market Cap


1 HUF = Ft 0.68246123244493 AAVE

AaveAave Price Chart Hungarian Forint (AAVE/HUF)

# Name Price % 1h % 24h MarketCap Circulating Supply Volume 7d
1 $2.37 -1.49% -8.58% $208.11 M 87,931,851 $931.20 K Braintrust seven day chart
2 $0.01600800184 0.02% -0.17% $3.20 M 199,999,574 $1.98 K Tokes seven day chart
3 $0.00403903468 0.33% 1.97% $1.83 M 454,000,000 $118.76 K Bholdus seven day chart
4 $0.03859513122 -0.1% 1.72% $1.42 M 36,819,022 $219.77 K Zuki Moba seven day chart
5 $0.00008052740 2.67% -78.26% $0.00 ? $73.23 K BrowniesSwap seven day chart
6 $0.00000000046 0.31% 0.08% $0.00 ? $410.12 Burn1 Coin seven day chart
7 $0.03410653531 -0.42% 2195.62% $0.00 ? $16.71 TerraFloki seven day chart

Aave (AAVE) Price Live Statistics

Aave price today is Ft 67,585.78 HUF, which is up by 0.6% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly rise by 0.71%. Aave’s market cap currently sits at Ft 911,347,964,515.55 HUF, holding up for a market cap rank at #49. Aave ranks no 49 in the market capitalization of Aave is at Ft 911,347,964,515.55 and its volume for 24 hours is Ft 60,433,235,177.60. 13.48 M Aave are under circulation, with total supply of 16.00 M and the Maximum supply of 16.00 M.

Who created Aave?

Aave is a Switzerland-based foundation that Stani Kulechov founded in 2017. Kulechov started Aave while he was a law student. Aave, previously known as ETHLend, was renamed AAVE in 2018. ETHLend is a subsidiary of Aave. 

In 2017, the foundation raised $16.2 million via ICO(Initial Coin offering). At that time, 1 billion units sold AAVE crypto, which was known as LAND before.AAVE foundation still has 300 million tokens for its team. 

AAVE has many other products such as a trading desk, game studio, games, and system.


How Does Aave work?

Aave is based on an Ethereum(ETH) P2P system, which has some new user functionalities. If you want to use Aave, the deposit is a must in the liquidity pools. Borrowers will use these funds. If they borrow funds from the liquidity pool, the user has to lock some funds, and the locked amount should be more significant than the withdrawal amount. 


Note: the value of the collateral is based on USD. If collateral falls from the required collateralization threshold, the system notifies automatically up for liquidation. In this case, others have the chance to buy these funds at a discount rate. This strategy keeps the liquidity pool secure and optimistic.


What makes AAVE Unique?

AAVE is the base of its software, and it allows user voting to change policies and rules. The AAVE team is working on how to use tokens to manage the system. Currently, Aave uses its revenues from the fees to buy AAVE and cryptocurrency from the crypto circulation. Almost more than 80% of the fee revenue is used to burn AAVE to reduce its supply to keep the price stable.


Why use AAVE?

From July 2020, the AAVE system is the most famous and leading Ethereum based decentralized system. It has earned $158 million till today. Therefore, AAVE is a chance to make some interest by providing liquidity.   

How many AAVE tokens are in circulation?

AAVE comes under the top 30 cryptocurrencies list. Additionally, it ranks at number #24 globally with a 12.79(12,794,288.41 ) million token supply out of the total supply of 16.00 (16,000,000.00)million tokens.   The AAVA market cap is 5.22($ 5,223,107,801) billion.


How to buy the AAVE?

AAVE is available on every exchange to buy from the top in a very safe and secure way. Therefore, we are listing down some top exchange names where you can buy AAVE. You can also store AAVE in any ERC-20 wallet. 

Aave Price Today

Aave Price Ft 67,585.78 HUF
24 Hour High / Low Ft 69,711.78 HUF / Ft 66,244.46 HUF
24 Hour Volume Ft 60,433,235,177.60
Market Cap Ft 911,347,964,515.55
Market Rank #49

Aave Price History

All Time High / Low Ft 209,858.51 HUF / Ft 0 HUF

Aave Supply

Circulating Supply 13.48 M
Total Supply 16.00 M
Max Supply 16.00 M
Aave Price (BTC) 0.00509785
1 Hour
24 Hours
7 Days
Aave/Bitcoin Ratio 1 BTC = 0.00000000035 AAVE
Started 31 December 1969
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Open Source -
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Algorithm -
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