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$0.000170 4.23%
0.00000000266 BTC2.69%0.0000000485 ETH4.08%

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9,561,760,613,611 FLOKI
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-0.68%-4.23%-15.07%-24.73% -3.22% -28.51%


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What is a FLOKI Coin?

These coins use blockchain technology. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency. The developers of these coins have named it after a celebrity dog which is famous for its friendly and pleasant nature. This crypto is a part of the family of decentralized cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it also enables peer to peer transactions without the want of any middlemen like banks or any government authorities.

The Origin of FLOKI Coin

A group of dynamic supporters who support cryptocurrencies came up with the idea to create a digital currency that would be fun as well as engaging. Thus they decided to make a cryptocurrency. They took their inspiration from Dogecoin which is a meme-based cryptocurrency. Keeping this coin in mind they launched this cryptocurrency in the year 2021. As soon as it was launched it gained traction and as a result of the viral nature of social media soon its community grew in numbers. 

How Does FLOKI Coin Work?

These coins work on the decentralized network of computers known as nodes. This network of nodes works in coordination with each other to validate and record transactions in the blockchain. The blockchain is very similar to a public ledger. It guarantees transparency as well as security for all the transactions that are made with these coins. 

This crypto uses the Proof-of-stake agreement procedure. This allows the coin holders to stake their coins locked in their wallets. This way they can contribute to the network's security and will also have a chance to acquire rewards in the form of additional Folki coins.

FLOKI Coin's Unique Features

These coins provide some of the most unique features to its investors. The three main features are listed below:

Community-Driven Development: This cryptocurrency has a dynamic community. The members of this community are very active. They play a vital role in the development of its network. This shapes the coin's successful future. They make decisions, take part in the voting, and give innovative ideas. All these help the coin in the path of this crypto's development.

Charitable Initiatives: The community of Folki Coin believes strongly in charity. This is the reason they organize charitable initiatives on a regular basis. They also make a lot of donations to have a positive impact on various causes. 

  • Inflationary Tokenomics: There are some traditional cryptocurrencies that have a limit on producing new coins. However, this coin is an Inflationary tokenomics model. This means it can mine as many new coins as it wants. This helps in continuous incentives for participants. Moreover, it also aids in the building of an active ecosystem.

The Potential of FLOKI Coin

A group of dynamic crypto enthusiasts and supporters were the developers of this coin.  This community is growing every day and has a strong presence in the crypto world. Even though the cryptocurrency market is very fluctuating and unpredictable, the coin has some unique features. These features have the potential to increase its value and draw more investors and users. Additionally taking into account its attractive brand and the increasing interest in the meme-based cryptocurrency. These coins definitely have a great future ahead.

The Rise of FLOKI Coin in the Crypto Market

Just like any other cryptocurrency, these coins have seen both ups as well as downs in the crypto market. However, as soon as it started gaining popularity it went through a huge price fluctuation. This upward fluctuation has managed to bring in more interested traders and investors. Nevertheless, Apart from its unique features, it is advisable to consider all the risks involved in the crypto market and its fluctuating nature before investment. Therefore, detailed research should be done on these coins if you are interested in acquiring them. This research will help you in your decision-making of investment in the crypto economy. 

FLOKI Coin vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

The development of these coins was made by a group of dynamic supporters after taking inspiration from the meme-based cryptocurrency. Thus it has some of the unique features like community-driven development and charitable initiatives of another meme-based cryptocurrency like Dogecoin. Before investing the investors should keep in mind these factors when comparing this coin with other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits and Risks of Investing in FLOKI Coin

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, these coins have both benefits and risks involved in it. This cryptocurrency provides a number of benefits to its investors. 

Its main benefits are listed below: 

The main advantage is the remarkable return that the investors will gain when the coin obtains widespread adoption. 

The second merit that stands out is the constant support from its active community. 

The disadvantages of this coin are as follows: 

Just like other cryptocurrencies, there are risks involved with investment in these coins. 

Price fluctuations are another issue that is tied up to any cryptocurrency 

Unpredictable regulatory affairs always affect the crypto world 

The possibility of market manipulation is something that is possible in any investment be it cryptocurrencies, share trading or real estate. 

How to Buy and Store FLOKI Coin

Anyone who wants to buy this coin can follow the following steps: 

Create an account with a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. One can do so with the completion of the mandatory verification process.

  • Deposit funds in the account and find a Floki coin trading pair to place your buy order.
  • Place your order and wait. These coins will be credited to your wallet.
  • Once these coins are credited into your account you need to secure it. 
  • It is advisable to use hardware wallets or well-known software wallets. These wallets furnish a double layer of security. They make this possible because they keep your private keys offline and safeguard them from hackers.

FLOKI Coin's Community and Future Developments

The developers of these coins were a community of people who were highly active in the crypto world. They are the ones who play an important role in the growth and development of its network. The community actively takes part in the decision-making process. They suggest new ideas and collaborate with projects that are related to these coins. Apart from this the development team is constantly working to improve the coin's unique features and looking for new ways for its widespread adoption and benefits.


How much is a one FLOKI worth now?

The current price of the FLOKI(FLOKI) is $0.000170, with a current market cap $1,630,319,836.96.

What is the FLOKI stock symbol or ticker?

FLOKI is a ticker symbol of the FLOKI.

How many FLOKI coins are there in circulation?

At the movement,9.56T FLOKI tokens are already in the market out of 9.69T FLOKI.

How can I invest in FLOKI?

There are many options for buying crypto, and FLOKI can be purchased from many crypto exchanges at any time.Just visit DigitalCoinPrice to get the world's best crypto exchanges list and buy FLOKI. It's a quick, easy, and secure way to buy FLOKI(FLOKI).

Is FLOKI a stablecoin?

No, It is not a stablecoin.

What was the lowest price for FLOKI?

FLOKI had an all-time low of $0.0000000200.

What was the Highest price for FLOKI?

FLOKI had an all-time low of $0.0000000200.

Can FLOKI be mined?

No, the FLOKI (FLOKI) coin cannot be mined.

FLOKI Price Prediction

The current FLOKI price is $0.000170. In the last 24 hours, FLOKI price has gone up by -4.23%. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and never predicts its price movement, and it requires expertise and knowledge, and it is such a problematic take. Let's look at what our experts and market analysts discuss regarding future FLOKI price prediction.

Portfolio Tracker

Using a crypto portfolio tracker has become more convenient than it was in the past. This tool enables you to keep track of your crypto assets. As an example, you have acquired FLOKI at different prices, which makes it difficult to identify the individual purchasing prices. A portfolio tracker lets you identify profit and loss. Also organise it.

Coin Converter

By exchanging FLOKI against fiat currencies (such as the U.S. dollar or Japanese yen) or using them as payment for goods and services, FLOKI can be earned or received in various ways. FLOKI considers as the most popular cryptocurrency, and on the other side, USD is the most demanding fiat currency globally. Today, almost every fiat currency has been paired with the FLOKI, including FLOKI to PHP, FLOKI to INR, FLOKI to NGN, FLOKI to THB, FLOKI to CAD, FLOKI to PKR, FLOKI to IDR , FLOKI to EUR , FLOKI to AUD , FLOKI to BDT and many more in the queue. The given all are fiat currency and the most widespread pairs in the market.

Would you like to know how many cryptocurrencies 1 FLOKI is equivalent to other cryptocurrencies or vice versa? With Digitalcoinprice's Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator, you can easily convert cryptocurrency pairs. You can convert and check any crypto pairs like FLOKI to ZRO, FLOKI to STRUMP, FLOKI to GEGE, FLOKI to NOT, FLOKI to BTC, FLOKI to LISTA, FLOKI to PEPE, FLOKI to SOL, FLOKI to BIAO, FLOKI to AMC .

FLOKI Price Current Data

FLOKI price today is $0.000170 USD, which is Down by -4.23% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly Dip by -0.68%. FLOKI's market cap currently sits at $1,630,319,836.96 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #52. The volume were at $229,041,673.53 USD FLOKI ranks no 52 in the market capitalization of FLOKI is at $1,630,319,836.96 and its volume for 24 hours is $229,041,673.53. FLOKI are under circulation, with total supply of 9.69T and the Maximum supply of 0.

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9,561,760,613,611 FLOKI

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9,690,133,504,408 FLOKI

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