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FLOW Price Current Data

Flow price today is $0.75 USD, which is Down by -0.63% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly Rise by 0.20%. Flow's market cap currently sits at $777,788,039.10 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #58. The volume were at $11,786,425.47 USD Flow ranks no 58 in the market capitalization of Flow is at $777,788,039.10 and its volume for 24 hours is $11,786,425.47. Flow are under circulation, with total supply of 1.43B and the Maximum supply of 0.

About Flow

With Flow, developers can build decentralized applications, blockchain-based games, and interactive experiences based on blockchain. As a non-fungible token, decentralized applications, and games network, the Flow network offers a scalable environment and architecture that enables fast transactions without congestion. The creation and trading of NFTs are similar to that of other cryptocurrencies. NFTs, however, have unique prices and are not the same. Collectibles are NFTs because of this.

NBA Top Shot is Flow's own project on the network, and as the NFT market is growing, it could also experience growth. A simple way to build DApps and create NFTs using Flow's easy-to-learn programming language, Cadence, and upgradable smart contracts can be fixed by patching them.

By instead utilizing the efficient Proof of Stake protocol instead of sharding, Flow solves Ethereum's scalability problems. In this way, Flow helps dApps and blockchain games such as CryptoKitties run smoothly and minimize congestion on the network.


Who Created Flow?

FLOW is a product of Dapper Labs, which made CryptoKitties blockchain game. Roham Gharegozlou, Dieter Shirley and Mikhael Naayem founded FLOW. 

After raising $11 million in funding led by investor giant A16z, Dapper Labs released Flow in 2019 as its replacement for Axiom Zen. 

NBA stars Spencer Dinwiddie and Andre Iguodala led a second round of funding for Dapper Labs, which will be used to develop blockchain-based games. 


How Does Flow Work?

In Flow, sharding is not used as a scaling technique, which is a common method for increasing speed and capacity. Flow distributes work on the network among nodes, assigning different tasks to different nodes based on their technical capabilities. In order to increase blockchain throughput, non-deterministic processes (such as the assembly of transactions into blocks) are separated from deterministic ones (such as the execution of that block of transactions).


An architecture with multiple roles and multiple nodes is used in Flow in order to reduce redundant effort. As a result of splitting the validation process into four roles, Flow is able to scale the entire network efficiently and cost-effectively. Every transaction on the network is validated by all nodes in order to maximize efficiency. Nodes fall into four categories: collection nodes, consensus nodes, execution nodes, and verification nodes.


Who Are the Founders of Flow? (History of Flow)

A popular blockchain game hosted on Ethereum, CryptoKitties, was created by Dapper Labs, the same team behind the Flow project. In addition to attracting blockchain enthusiasts and fans of cryptocurrency-based collectibles, CryptoKitties attracted huge popularity. 

With the increasing number of users, Ethereum proved to have problems with scalability. This led CryptoKitties to experience operational issues. This is why Dapper Labs created a blockchain platform that could be used by DApps and games like CryptoKitties – Flow and would represent a highly functional environment.

Flow launched in 2020 as a Proof of Stake protocol that allows developers to create, use, and trade NFTs, as well as to develop dApps and blockchain-based games on the platform. The founder of Flow is also the CTO of Dapper Labs, Dieter Shirley.


What Makes Flow Unique?

Developers wishing to create and use NFTs can take advantage of the highly scalable environment offered by Flow network, which offers a robust platform for creating and using NFTs. The platform's architecture enables developers to build applications and cryptocurrency games without facing congestion or other problems.

By separating the nodes based on their roles, Flow distributes data and work across the network, enabling scaling and creating an efficient ecosystem for blockchain developers. NFTs and blockchain applications might be unique opportunities for investors. As a result of the efficient architecture of Flow, transactions and operations on the chain are finalized quickly.


What Gives Flow Value?

As a result of its technical capacity and technology, Flow possesses an intrinsic value determined by the developer community. FLOW tokens can be used as a form of payment and reward in applications and games developed by developers. In addition to developing their own applications, developers can also create their own tokens that can be traded as NFTs on the Flow network.

FLOW's price can fluctuate depending on a multitude of specific factors. The importance of the NFT market, utility, upgrades, developments, institutional interest, and other relevant news and events are among the factors that contribute to its success. The intrinsic value, which often doesn't match the market price, is determined by the spectrum of technology, technical capacity, functionality, and use cases. The market price of Flow is subject to frequent changes in value due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market.


How Is the Flow Network Secured?

In a multi-task, multi-node environment, the Flow network uses the Proof of Stake protocol and divides its validation process into four phases. The network operates more efficiently as a result of this mechanism. Furthermore, the Flow network is also secured since it divides the validation process and distributes the data across multiple nodes.

Users of the network are protected from malicious applications using Human-Readable Security, which relies on nodes to validate and secure the network.

Specialized Proofs of Confidential Knowledge is a patented cryptographic technique developed by the Flow team. A SPOCK is a method of demonstrating that a prover has access to confidential information without revealing what it is. It is not possible for another Spock to copy a Spock since each is specialized.


How you can Use Flow?

DApps and NFTs can be built using Flow as a scalable environment. FLOW can also be used by developers to make their own cryptocurrencies and tokens or as the main cryptocurrency within their applications.

Creating a new user account or storing assets on the Flow network requires a small amount of FLOW. FLOW can be used within apps built on the Flow blockchain for peer-to-peer payments, charging for services, and distributing rewards.

A staked FLOW can be exchanged for rewards for securing the network. Holders can stake their tokens to another validator node or become validator nodes themselves.

Aside from collateral for secondary tokens, data deposits, and participation in governance, there are plans for additional FLOW use cases once the network matures. 

The difference between the buying and selling price of FLOW can also be used to make a profit on the crypto market.


Why Should I Use Flow?

Flow may interest game developers who want to launch blockchain applications using cryptocurrencies. 

Investors may consider adding FLOW to their portfolios if they believe that blockchain platforms for game development and collectibles will be the future.


Flow (FLOW) Token Metrics

Token Name:Flow
24h Volume:$ 74.96 million ($ 74,955,595)
Market cap:$ 535.56 million ($ 535,555,176)
Fully Diluted Market Cap:$ 2.36 billion ($ 2,364,065,372)
Circulating supply:315.59 million FLOW (315,588,776.00 FLOW)
Non-circulating supply:-1.08 billion FLOW (-1,077,493,637.51 FLOW)
Max supply:1.39 billion FLOW (1,393,082,413.51 FLOW)


Where is the Flow (FLOW) coin available?

Flow (FLOW) is available on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. The list of quick, secure, and easy exchanges as listed below.

  • Binance
  • Coinone
  • Kraken
  • FTX


You can check the whole list of exchanges are here to buyFlow (FLOW).


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Flow Price Prediction

The current Flow price is $0.75. In the last 24 hours, Flow price has gone up by -0.63%. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and never predicts its price movement, and it requires expertise and knowledge, and it is such a problematic take. Let's look at what our experts and market analysts discuss regarding future Flow price prediction.

Portfolio Tracker

Using a crypto portfolio tracker has become more convenient than it was in the past. This tool enables you to keep track of your crypto assets. As an example, you have acquired Flow at different prices, which makes it difficult to identify the individual purchasing prices. A portfolio tracker lets you identify profit and loss. Also organise it.

By exchanging FLOW against fiat currencies (such as the U.S. dollar or Japanese yen) or using them as payment for goods and services, Flow can be earned or received in various ways. FLOW considers as the most popular cryptocurrency, and on the other side, USD is the most demanding fiat currency globally. Today, almost every fiat currency has been paired with the FLOW, including FLOW to PHP, FLOW to INR, FLOW to NGN, FLOW to THB, FLOW to CAD, FLOW to PKR, FLOW to IDR , FLOW to EUR , FLOW to AUD , FLOW to BDT and many more in the queue. The given all are fiat currency and the most widespread pairs in the market.

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How much is a one Flow worth now?

The current price of the Flow(FLOW) is $0.75, with a current market cap $777,788,039.10.

What is the Flow stock symbol or ticker?

FLOW is a ticker symbol of the Flow.

How many FLOW coins are there in circulation?

At the movement,1.04B Flow tokens are already in the market out of 1.43B FLOW.

How can I invest in Flow?

There are many options for buying crypto, and Flow can be purchased from many crypto exchanges at any time.Just visit DigitalCoinPrice to get the world's best crypto exchanges list and buy Flow. It's a quick, easy, and secure way to buy Flow(FLOW).

Is Flow a stablecoin?

No, It is not a stablecoin.

What was the lowest price for Flow?

Flow had an all-time low of $0.64.

What was the Highest price for Flow?

Flow had an all-time low of $0.64.

Can Flow be mined?

No, the Flow (FLOW) coin cannot be mined.

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