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FOIN, short for Financial Coin, is the decentralized distributed digital money for the fund division. FOIN has been worked in light of different use cases, from enhancing the highest quality level of Bitcoin and business convention of Ripple to interfacing a huge decentralized system of organizations. FOIN utilizes PoS agreement component, taking into account steadiness, security, ecological invitingness and cost-intensity, while its system liquidity settles on it a similarly fitting decision for both huge and independent companies. While the vast majority of the digital forms of money have a tragic future in vision, where the end-client is 100% detached from the account business, some new players have begun to fill in this hole (Ripple, Populous, and so on.) by turning into a scaffold between monetary foundations or organizations and the cryptographic money adopters. In a similar manner, FOIN expects to be the digital currency for the account division, empowering the coin holders to pick up from its intrinsic cryptographical model (Proof of Stake) and from the scope of money related instruments made accessible through the FOIN biological system.

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# Name Price % 1h % 24h MarketCap Circulating Supply Volume 7d
1 $0.01105671 -0.46% 11.77% $8.96 M 809,999,000 $10.72 M LinkEye seven day chart
2 $0.00000107 0.00% 0.00% $1.38 K 1,292,000,000 $? Secrets of Zurich seven day chart
3 $106.53 1.43% -18.30% $0.00 ? $515.62 K Darwinia Commitment Token seven day chart
4 $7 -3.05% 34.09% $0.00 ? $343.36 K Atletico De Madrid Fan Token seven day chart
5 $0.56737064 -0.05% 0.17% $0.00 ? $53.96 K SimpleChain seven day chart
6 $0.00527978 -19.90% -17.63% $0.00 ? $16.95 K Golden Token seven day chart
7 $1.32 0.01% 1.13% $0.00 ? $282.47 Binance GBP Stable Coin seven day chart

* All Date/Time are in UTC time.