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The IOS (Internet of Services) offers a strong framework for online specialist co-ops. Its high TPS, adaptable and secure blockchain, and security assurance give unending potential outcomes to online specialist co-ops to serve their client base. The open-source IOST venture is intended to meet the security and versatility needs of a decentralized economy by giving blockchain foundation that may fill in as the design for the fate of online administrations. Using factors that incorporate IOST token adjusts, notoriety based token parity, commitments to the system and client practices, their purported "Confirmation of Believability" agreement calculation was created to guarantee the security and productivity of exchanges on the system. The group at IOST perceives that without adequate adaptability, worldwide organizations will most likely be unable to send blockchains to support their clients at the dimension anticipated today. In that capacity, the groups at IOST propose the Internet of Services Token as a way to achieve these finishes.

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IOST Team Members

Name Position LinkedIn Twitter GitHub Medium
Jimmy Zhong Co-Founder LinkedIn - - -
Kevin Tan Co-Founder LinkedIn - - -
Ray Xiao Co-Founder LinkedIn - - -
Sa Wang CMO LinkedIn - - -
Tiancheng Li Co-Founder LinkedIn - - -
Shangyan Li Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Bman Lee Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Terrence Wang Co-Founder LinkedIn - - -
Ben Waters Head of Digital LinkedIn - - -
Jay Lee Growth Lead, Korea LinkedIn - - -
Leeho Lim Growth Lead, Europe LinkedIn - - -
Lawrence Lim Growth Lead, SEA LinkedIn - - -
Fei Teng Growth Lead, China LinkedIn - - -
Akio Sashima Growth Lead, Japan LinkedIn - - -
Lei Li Senior Developer - - Github -
Pejian He Core Developer Team Lead - - Github -
Hao Xu Senior Blockchain Developer - - Github -
Jiannan Liang Senior Core Developer - - Github -
Xiao Zhou Blockchain Developer - - Github -
Haifeng Li Core Developer - - - -
Ziran Liu Senior Developer - - Github -
Laijun Meng Core Developer - - Github -
Yu Wang Senior Blockchain Developer - - Github -
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GitHub Contributors: 40
GitHub Stars: 422
GitHub Repository: Link
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