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MOAC needs to plan a versatile and strong Blockchain that bolsters exchanges, information get to, control stream in a layered structure. It makes the structure to enable clients to execute Smart Contract in an effective way. It additionally gives the engineering to generate sub blockchains utilizing basic framework rapidly and effectively. It is a Blockchain stage with vital pipes parts accessible to sub blockchains, giving answer for thought test, private chain organization, complex errand handling, decentralized applications and so forth. (MOAC), another way to say "Mother of All Chains", is a China-based blockchain stage that tries to be the "mother" of all digital forms of money and to empower crosschain nuclear swaps between blockchains. MOAC has a multichain design, with microchains worked on the MOAC base layer. The base layer underpins tokenization, and utilizations the microchains to decentralize square preparing (sharding) and to deal with brilliant contracts. MOAC utilizes a Proof-of-Work framework that enables diggers to mine the primary chain and sub-chains. Mining should likewise be possible from cell phones.

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MOAC Team Members

Name Position LinkedIn Twitter GitHub Medium
Xinle Yang CTO LinkedIn - - -
杨勇 Vice President LinkedIn - - -
Ryan Wang Chief Business Developer LinkedIn - - -
Raymond Fu Blockchain Architect LinkedIn - - -
Martin Ma Principal Software Engineer LinkedIn - - -
Yang Chen Data Scientist LinkedIn - - -
Joe Zhao Digital Marketing Specialist LinkedIn - - -
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GitHub Contributors: 7
GitHub Stars: 154
GitHub Repository: Link
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