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$36,775,300 USD

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$1,426,590 USD

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327,418,000 SOLVE

Max Supply

1,000,000,000 SOLVE

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Solve.Care is a human services IT organization that manufactures blockchain stages which the group accepts may improve the manner in which social insurance is conveyed and oversaw. The Solve.Care stage apparently utilizes blockchain innovation as the hidden appropriated record for organizing care, advantages and installments between all gatherings in the chain of social insurance: patients, specialists, drug stores, research centers, managers, guarantors, and others. Illuminate tokens might be utilized to verify effective and straightforward human services organization around the globe. The token supply is fixed and the value variable, as controlled by market free market activity. Comprehend token runs locally on the Ethereum blockchain and is intended to pursue the ERC20 token standard. Unravel utility tokens are the money utilized for exchanges on the stage. As indicated by the establishment, they can be used to pay for Care Administration Network charges, set up Care.Wallets, buy Care.Cards, and take part in Care.Marketplace benefits just as pay for related mix expenses. Likewise, SOLVE is supposedly utilized for the emanation of Care.Coins and installments requiring Care.Coins.

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# Name Price % 1h % 24h MarketCap Circulating Supply Volume 7d
1 $0.70849256 7.62% 7.14% $5.75 M 8,117,609 $18.01 K Polis seven day chart
2 $0.00024800 8.13% 4.66% $266.41 K 1,074,244,081 $18.53 K HeroNode seven day chart
3 $0.08248139 -0.11% -0.71% $164.14 K 1,990,045 $46.34 K Capricoin seven day chart
4 $0.00107282 -0.24% -2.92% $11.77 K 10,969,269 $1.27 Citadel seven day chart
5 $0.00042754 0.87% -4.92% $0.00 ? $480.19 K Promotion Coin seven day chart
6 $0.05358769 -3.98% -5.25% $0.00 ? $47.89 K Hyper Speed Network seven day chart
7 $0.00024797 0.00% 0.00% $0.00 ? $? BIZKEY seven day chart

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