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XLM Price Current Data

Stellar price today is $0.0908 USD, which is Up by 1.73% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly Rise by 0.00%. Stellar's market cap currently sits at $2,435,591,430.82 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #26. The volume were at $64,568,474.93 USD Stellar ranks no 26 in the market capitalization of Stellar is at $2,435,591,430.82 and its volume for 24 hours is $64,568,474.93. Stellar are under circulation, with total supply of 50B and the Maximum supply of 50B.

About Stellar

Stellar Lumen is a cryptocurrency and decentralized platform structure to make it fast, affordable, and easy for users to transfer globally. All in all, Steller is a decentralized network under the symbol of XML, where users can deal with multiple currencies. Thus, there are a total of three things: Stellar, Lumens, and XML. Stellar is a blockchain network, Lumens is a cryptocurrency developed for the web, and XML is a token symbol. Stellar is a well-known payment protocol based on distributed ledger technology. It allows transactions between any currency pairs.

According to their website, Stellar says it "is a platform that connects banks, payment, and people and transfers money globally without any cost." XLM is a native currency of Stellar Lumen.


Key Features: 

  • Stellar is a decentralized protocol that is used to transfer digital currency to fiat currency globally.
  • Stellar is a blockchain, and its cryptocurrency is called Lumen under the symbol of XLM.
  • Stellar comes under the top altcoins in the five-year records with a $1 billion market cap.


Note: people sometimes call Lumens "Stellar," it is the same as people call XRP instead of Ripple and Ether instead of Ethereum. But, this happened some years ago now. People know it by its symbol name XLM.


When Stellar and XLM with together in the same system, technically, they both are different. Stellar is a foundation of the blockchain network where you can trade Lumens on the web. However, according to the official note, you can not get mine Lumens, and there are only 50 billion Lumens in the market, and Stellar is not producing more Lumens now.


Who created Stellar(XLM)?

Stellar is an open-source, peer-to-peer network that came in 2014, and the most significant update came in 2015, which was the game-changing movement for Stellar. The network was founded by the current chief architect Jed McCaleb when he left Ripple and former lawyer Joyce Kim. Jed McCaleb also successfully founded Bitcoin exchange, Mt Gox, and designed a ledger of XRP. Soon after, the Stripe (payment processing platform) CEO collaborated to create the nonprofit Stellar Development Foundation.


History of Stellar?

The Stellar Foundation, a nonprofit foundation, received initial funding from Stripe. After that, some prominent organizations like BlackRock, Google, and Fastforward joined the Stellar organization. In 2018, Stellar completed a deal to transfer payment globally in more than 70 nations.

How does Stellar work?

Stellar is the same as other decentralized payment technology. However, the network runs on a decentralized server with distributed ledger technology that updates nodes every 3 to 5 seconds. The main difference between Stellar and Bitcoin is the named consensus protocol.

The consensus protocol of Stellar does not rely on the whole miner network to approve the transaction. Instead, it uses the FBA(Federated Byzantine Agreement) algorithm, which helps make the transaction faster because it uses the network portion to validate and approve the transaction.

The nodes of the Stellar network select another set of network nodes. In the collection, once the nodes approve all the transactions in the group, it is considered to be approved. As a result, the Stellar network is high-speed and completes 1000 network operations in a second.


What makes Stellar unique?

Stellar is a unique and complete deal. Many features make Stellar special.

  • Easy to use
  • Complete decentralization
  • Fast and free transaction
  • Complete Decentralisation


What gives Stellar value?

The Stellar has a clear intention to have a 1% expansion every year. It has changed over the years. Now.

In 2019, a 1% per year subsidy would no longer exist. So, the user of Stellar voted to end programmatic supply increases. In addition to more supply, Stellar derived the value from its current use case because it can transfer digital assets globally, efficiently, and cheaper. 


How is The Stellar Network Secured?

The stellar network is decentralized and secured because anyone can become a validator node. This thing makes Stellar very secure. Moreover, stellar avoids transaction spamming by completing a minuscule fee for each transaction.

What is the circulating supply of Stellar (XLM)?

Stellar is currently ranking the number #19 globally. Stellar's total circulating supply is 20.21(20,205,523,566.64) billion out of the 50.00(49,999,999,738.64) billion tokens. The XLM market cap is $16.86 billion, and 24h trading volume is $857.90 million.



Stellar is designed for payment providers and decentralized exchanges that allow users to transfer any assets.

  • Signup to exchanges
  • Verify your identity and despite funds
  • Start buying and selling Chainlink

There are several ways to buy Stellar, and it is available on every exchange. The easiest and safest way to buy XLM through top exchanges is by listing down some top crypto exchanges where you can buy Stellar easily.

  • Binance
  • OKEx
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi Global
  • Kraken
  • KuCoin

Stellar Price Prediction

The current Stellar price is $0.0908. In the last 24 hours, Stellar price has gone up by 1.73%. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and never predicts its price movement, and it requires expertise and knowledge, and it is such a problematic take. Let's look at what our experts and market analysts discuss regarding future Stellar price prediction.

Portfolio Tracker

Using a crypto portfolio tracker has become more convenient than it was in the past. This tool enables you to keep track of your crypto assets. As an example, you have acquired Stellar at different prices, which makes it difficult to identify the individual purchasing prices. A portfolio tracker lets you identify profit and loss. Also organise it.

By exchanging XLM against fiat currencies (such as the U.S. dollar or Japanese yen) or using them as payment for goods and services, Stellar can be earned or received in various ways. XLM considers as the most popular cryptocurrency, and on the other side, USD is the most demanding fiat currency globally. Today, almost every fiat currency has been paired with the XLM, including XLM to PHP, XLM to INR, XLM to NGN, XLM to THB, XLM to CAD, XLM to PKR, XLM to IDR , XLM to EUR , XLM to AUD , XLM to BDT and many more in the queue. The given all are fiat currency and the most widespread pairs in the market.

Would you like to know how many cryptocurrencies 1 XLM is equivalent to other cryptocurrencies or vice versa? With Digitalcoinprice's Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator, you can easily convert cryptocurrency pairs. You can convert and check any crypto pairs like XLM to PEPE, XLM to PEPEDERP, XLM to KEKE, XLM to LINA, XLM to ARB, XLM to SUI, XLM to TOMO, XLM to SHIB .

How much is a one Stellar worth now?

The current price of the Stellar(XLM) is $0.0908, with a current market cap $2,435,591,430.82.

What is the Stellar max supply?

The maximum supply of the Stellar(XLM) is around 50B.

What is the Stellar stock symbol or ticker?

XLM is a ticker symbol of the Stellar.

How many XLM coins are there in circulation?

At the movement,26.81B Stellar tokens are already in the market out of 50B XLM.

How can I invest in Stellar?

There are many options for buying crypto, and Stellar can be purchased from many crypto exchanges at any time.Just visit DigitalCoinPrice to get the world's best crypto exchanges list and buy Stellar. It's a quick, easy, and secure way to buy Stellar(XLM).

Is Stellar a stablecoin?

No, It is not a stablecoin.

What was the lowest price for Stellar?

Stellar had an all-time low of $0.00122.

What was the Highest price for Stellar?

Stellar had an all-time low of $0.00122.

Who is the Founder of Stellar?

Jed McCaleb is the founder of the Stellar(XLM) blockchain.

Can Stellar be mined?

No, the Stellar (XLM) coin cannot be mined.

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