Market Cap: $2,558,824,998,325.24
24h Vol: $90,200,212,670.54
BTC Dominance: 47.427118880682%
Cryptocurrencies: 6,667
Markets: 47,879
Eth Gas: 137 Gwei

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VeChain (VET)

$0.1182180000 USD (0.63%)
0.00003003 BTC

Low (24h)

High (24h)




Market Cap

$7,603,250,000.00 USD

Volume (24h)

$346,096,000 USD

Circulating Supply

64,315,600,000 VET

Max Supply

86,712,600,000 VET

VeChain Latest News

VeChain Stock Price Chart

VeChain Team Members

Name Position LinkedIn Twitter GitHub Medium
Chun Yin (CY) Cheung Head of Regulation Committee LinkedIn - - -
George Kang Head of Public Relation Committee LinkedIn - - -
Jay Zhang CFO & Co-founder LinkedIn - - -
Marget Rui Zhu Head of Compensation & Nomination Committee LinkedIn - - -
Peter Zhou Chief Scientist (nChain) LinkedIn - - -
Renato Grottola Business Development LinkedIn - - -
Sunny Lu CEO & Co-Founder LinkedIn - - -
Jim Breyer Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Bo Shen Advisor LinkedIn - -
Daniel Kelman Advisor LinkedIn - - -
James Gong Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Roland Sun Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Nan Ning Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Kevin Feng Chief Operations Officer LinkedIn - -
Jianliang Gu Chief Technology Officer LinkedIn - -
Chin Qian VP-Sales & Channel LinkedIn - - -
Bin Qian Chief Blockchain Developer - - Github -
Richard Fu VP Marketing LinkedIn - - -
Jerome Grilleres General Manager LinkedIn - -
Sarah Nabaa Country Manager Singapore LinkedIn - - -
Scott Brisbin General Counsel LinkedIn - - -
Noah Huo Chief Marketing Officer LinkedIn - - -
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VeChain (VET) Price in USD with Live Chart & Market Cap

About VeChain :

VeChain is a blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency platform that focuses on supply chain management. Two main tokens included in the VeChain platform include VeChain(VET) and VeChainThor Energy(VTHO). In short, VeChain is a business-based blockchain and aimed to develop a trust and distributed business ecosystem to enable transparently fast value transfer and valuable collaboration. VeChain is a company that is solving the business world problem,...

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Fully Diluted Market Cap


Total Value Locked (TVL)


Market Dominance


Volume / Market Cap


1 VET = $0.1182180000 USD
1 USD = 0.118218 VET

VeChainVeChain Price Chart US Dollar (VET/USD)

# Name Price % 1h % 24h MarketCap Circulating Supply Volume 7d
1 $0.5152215648 -1.34% 11.76% $340.36 M 660,615,274 $3.77 M ASD seven day chart
2 $0.4698610524 0.44% 7.25% $28.35 M 60,331,748 $1.81 M ZeroSwap seven day chart
3 $0.0402449348 1.21% 1.88% $1.71 M 42,547,118 $? AidCoin seven day chart
4 $0.0000265232 1.07% 3.97% $1.04 M 39,035,223,816 $24.27 K Content Neutrality Network seven day chart
5 $0.0157978845 0.52% -2.69% $896.06 K 56,719,938 $66.02 K Rage Fan seven day chart
6 $0.1786695496 0.43% 0.06% $0.00 ? $1.92 M BRCP TOKEN seven day chart
7 $0.0000000298 -0.78% 0.7% $0.00 ? $74.28 K SAFETREES seven day chart

VeChain (VET) Price Live Statistics

VeChain price today is $0.1182180000 USD, which is up by 0.63% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly rise by 0.11%. VeChain’s market cap currently sits at $7,603,250,000.00 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #25. There is an upsurge in the weekly values by 11.44% Yesterday’s opening price reports to be $0.1227454543 USD while closing rates were $0.1183955967 USD The high/low price for yesterday was $0.1236101612 USD / $0.1170885116 USD and the volume were at $432,242,592 USD The high and low price for 7 days is $0.1204330000 USD / $0.1096960000 USD , for 30 days is $0.1204330000 USD / $0.0849914000 USD and for 90 days is $0.1515670000 USD / $0.0667839000 USD VeChain ranks no 25 in the market capitalization of VeChain is at $7,603,250,000.00 and its volume for 24 hours is $346,096,000. 64.32 B VeChain are under circulation, with total supply of 86.71 B and the Maximum supply of 86.71 B.

What are VeChain(VET) and VeChainThor(VTHO)?

VeChain owns two different tokens including VTHO(VTHOR) & VET(VeChain).


VET tokens are used to do the financial transaction on the VeChainThor blockchain, and VTHO tokens are called energy tokens and are mainly used to conduct the transaction on VeChainThor. The VET owners can generate VTHO and use it on the VeChainThor blockchain for different purposes.


Key Point: 

  • VeChain is a blockchain-related enterprise platform that aims to provide a full structure by organization information from the silos. 
  • The token of VeChain includes VET and VTHO. Amond it, VET serves as a value layer, and VTHO serves as a contract layer.
  • VeChain is a leading platform for ICOs and administering transactions between devices based on IOT(Internet of Things.)


VeChain IN brief: 

VeChain is becoming very popular because of many reasons. It is a blockchain platform, and it is designed to enhance supply chain management & business process for streamline. 


VeChain has collaborated with numerous well-known companies to enhance tracking solutions and provide supply chain data that makes crypto more stable, valuable, and attracts more investors. Many cryptocurrencies have evolved, and many have no real-world application yet. VeChain has already revealed their product, and the products have started performing in some big companies, including BMW, Walmart China, and LVMH.


BMW: VeChain is used to prevent odometer fraud in the automobile sector. 


Walmart: VeChain is using here to track food provenance.


LVMH: VeChain is used here to track luxury leather goods. 


VeChain has started much development on the eNFT(Enterprise Non-Fungible Token) and has done impressive development in partnership with valuable companies, making VeChain more valuable and potential for investors.


History of VeChain?

VeChain came into reality from the drawing board in 2015 with the goal to make data transparent. The project creator, Sunny Lu, is very famous for his work. VeChain's VET began on the Ethereum(ETH) blockchain. The market's common strategic approach allows developers to collect funds and showcase their concept to develop their blockchain. Now, VeChain operates under the Native VeChain ecosystem, and this is the way to provide features organized directly to business clients. 


VeChain evaluation:

In 2015, VeChain was founded by Sunny Lu and after some time in June 2016, the VeChain 0.1v launched. After around one year, in May 2017, PWC had partnered with VeChain as part of the incubation program. In supper 2017, VeChain foundation launched, and after around six months in Feb 2018, VEB converted to VET. The mainnet was launched in spring 2018 with the mobile wallet. 


Who created VeChain(VET) crypto?

Sunny Lu founded VeChain in 2015, the former chief information officer of Louis Vuitton China and Jay Zhang. He has combined his luxury goods and blockchain technology skills and expertise to develop an IOT application for supply chain management.


Initially, the team of VeChain shared its crypto named VEN on the Ethereum Blockchain in 2017. In this event, they raised $20 million in tokens and sold 1 billion tokens. VET tokens replaced these token letters while the VeChain blockchain launched. You can swap VEN using VET.


How does VeChain (VET) work?

The VeChain working is the same as other blockchain platforms. The business use case of VeChain is a fully functional product (BaaS) product called ToolChain to build their blockchain-based solution, and it supports smart contracts.


The single transaction on the blockchain of VeChainThor can carry numerous tasks. Moreover, the VeChain application users do not need to hold any cryptos to perform a transaction. So here, you can complete it by the application owner, which makes your user experience more reliable for all users.

The VeChainThor is based on POA(Proof-Of-Authority) blockchain, and some certain nodes in the VeChainThor blockchain are for transaction confirmation. This is because transactions pass by the master nodes' authority and need to hold at least 25,000,000 VET.


Why does VeChain(VET) have value?

VeChain(VET) is the main cryptocurrency and powering the VeChain, and you can use it for holding and staking. The application is built on VeChain, and you can use it to pay transactions through it. Like other cryptos, the VET supply is limited, and it is 86.7 billion VET. Additionally, users have the right and reason to hold VET tokens because it gives authority to increase and decrease the VTHOR supply by voting.


Why should you use VeCHAIN?

VeChain has strong potential because it can build supply chain management applications and develop anti-counterfeit actions in products. Because of its dual token design, many businesses are looking for VeChain to benefit from stable transactions. Investors should include VeChain in their portfolios to get some future benefits.


What is the circulating supply of VeChain?

The global rank of VeChain is #22, and VeChain comes under the top #25 valuable cryptocurrencies with $6.79($ 6,788,159,023) billion market cap. The current circulating supply of VeChain is 65.24(65,241,752,869.00) billion out of the 85.99(85,985,041,177.00) billion total supply. Its max supply is 86.71(86.71) billion VET.


How to buy VeChain?

VeChain is available on every exchange, and you can buy it from any exchange, but buying from top exchange makes our investment secure. You can create an account In just three simple steps includes: 

  • Signup to exchanges
  • Verify your identity, and despite funds
  • Start buying and trading Ripple.

Once your selected exchange verifies your identity, you can start buying and trading VeChain(VET). We are listing down some top exchanges where you can buy VeChain(VET).


Many exchanges do not allow users to deposit fiat currencies like INR, EURS, USD, and many more. In this case, you can buy other stable cryptocurrency pairs such as USDT/VET, USDC/VET, BTC/VET, ETH/VET equivalent of your fiat currency, and then you can convert it to VET.


VeChain Price Today

VeChain Price $0.1182180000 USD
24 Hour High / Low $0.1193347722 USD / $0.1149873510 USD
24 Hour Volume $346,096,000
Market Cap $7,603,250,000.00
Market Rank #25

VeChain Price Yesterday

Yesterday's High / Low $0.1236101612 USD / $0.1170885116 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close $0.1227454543 USD / $0.1183955967 USD
Yesterday's Change 0.0043498576 USD (-3.54%)
Yesterday's Volume $432,242,592 USD

VeChain Price History

7 Day High / Low $0.1204330000 USD / 0.1096960000 USD
30 Day High / Low $0.1204330000 USD / $0.0849914000 USD
90 Day High / Low $0.0667839000 USD / $0.1515670000 USD

VeChain Supply

Circulating Supply 64.32 B
Total Supply 86.71 B
Max Supply 86.71 B
VeChain Price (BTC) 0.00003003
1 Hour
24 Hours
7 Days
VeChain/Bitcoin Ratio 1 BTC = 0.0001316771 VET
Started 30 November -0001
Whitepaper -
Development status Working product
Org. Structure Semi-centralized
Open Source 1
Proof Type Proof of Authority
Algorithm PoA
Hardware wallet 1