VestChain (VEST)
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Market Cap
$72,013,400 USD
Volume (24h)
$165,003 USD
Circulating Supply
7,078,400,000 VEST
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About VestChain (VEST)

VestChain (VEST) presents a decentralized available blockchain and digital money framework; it is totally open source content administration framework. VestChain is advancing a shrewd contract stage, the fundamental objective of which is to give the most dynamic properties no other stage can offer at this moment. Its fundamental component is that it is the just a single created out of a logical regulation and a philosophy putting research at the primary spot. A tremendous worldwide group of very qualified specialists and researchers makes the center of the VestChain advancement process. The VestChain is made out of two-level blockhains. The principal level is made of adaptable section blockchains (shards), the second one displays a center blockchain that approves the squares from the shard blockchains. We built up a base for incitements which fixates on a diversion hypothesis; hash controls in it are urged to be shared among shards similarly. 60% of all the hash control is doled out profoundly chain to stay away from scenes of twofold spending. With TPS developing, the super-full hub cost may ascend out of this world. We compose various solid hubs together establishing a set expecting the job of a super-full node. An individual may lead between segmental activities at whatever point the person needs; they will be endorsed twofold fast. As the amount of shards develops, the between segmental task limit develops in a direct mode.

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VestChainVestChain (VEST) 6 Months Price Chart

# Name Price % 1h % 24h MarketCap Circulating Supply Volume 7d
1 $0.28357370 -0.50% -1.47% $83.13 M 293,150,782 $830.64 K Japan Content Token seven day chart
2 $0.46953687 -0.72% -5.54% $6.20 M 13,207,454 $9.16 K Boolberry seven day chart
3 $0.00437265 55.04% 14.79% $466.09 K 106,593,044 $6.93 K eSDChain seven day chart
4 $0.01461156 0.17% 0.56% $0.00 ? $2.87 M Carry seven day chart
5 $0.00002157 -0.61% -1.19% $0.00 ? $110.58 BitStash seven day chart
6 $0.03850004 0.00% 0.00% $0.00 ? $? Smart Application Chain seven day chart
7 $0.00091097 0.00% -0.71% $0.00 ? $? Digital Asset Exchange Token seven day chart

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