Market Cap: $2,606,568,478,569.66
24h Vol: $94,372,998,745.99
BTC Dominance: 47.723819957735%
Cryptocurrencies: 6,673
Markets: 47,927
Eth Gas: 137 Gwei

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Zilliqa (ZIL)

$0.0948620000 USD (2.84%)
0.00002367 BTC

Low (24h)

High (24h)




Market Cap

$1,127,930,000.00 USD

Volume (24h)

$53,576,500 USD

Circulating Supply

11,890,200,000 ZIL

Max Supply

21,000,000,000 ZIL

Zilliqa Latest News

Zilliqa Stock Price Chart

Zilliqa Team Members

Name Position LinkedIn Twitter GitHub Medium
Xinshu Dong CEO LinkedIn - -
Yaoqi Jia Head of Technology LinkedIn - - -
Amrit Kumar Head of Research LinkedIn - - -
Yiling Ding Chief Marketing Officer LinkedIn - - -
​Ong En Hui Head of Business Development LinkedIn - - -
Prateek Saxena Chief Scientific Advisor LinkedIn - -
Juzar Motiwalla Chief Strategist LinkedIn - -
Max Kantelia ​Chief Evangelist LinkedIn - - -
Addison Huegel Head of Communications LinkedIn - - -
Sophia Fang VP for Business Development LinkedIn - - -
Saiba Kataruka Marketing Lead LinkedIn - - -
Han Wen Developer Relations LinkedIn - - -
​​Jasmine Song Finance and Operations Executive LinkedIn - - -
Ilya Sergey Lead Language Designer - Github -
Sandip Bhoir Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Deli Gong Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Haichuan Liu Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Antonio Nicolas Nunez Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Kaustubh Shamshery Developer LinkedIn - - -
Jun Hao Tan Core Developer LinkedIn - -
Sheng Guang Xiao Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Clark Yang Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Jacob Johannsen Compiler Developer LinkedIn - - -
Vaivaswatha Nagaraj Compiler Developer LinkedIn - - -
Ian Tan Full Stack Devoloper LinkedIn - - -
Edison Lim Blockchain Application Developer LinkedIn - - -
Siddhartha Sahai Developer LinkedIn - -
Evan Cheng Advisor LinkedIn - -
​Aquinas Hobor Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Alexander Lipton Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Loi Luu Advisor LinkedIn - Github Medium
Nicolai Oster Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Stuart Prior Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Christel Quek Advisor LinkedIn - -
Vincent Zhou Advisor LinkedIn - - -
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Zilliqa (ZIL) Price in USD with Live Chart & Market Cap

About Zilliqa :

Zilliqa is a most powerful, faster, scalable, and permissionless blockchain that empowers Smart Contracts to develop robust and secure decentralized applications. It is the most secure and robust next-generation blockchain platform based on "sharding" technology. Zilliqa is also known as a public blockchain, and it can do thousands of transactions in a single second. ZIL is a native token of the Zilliqa network which users can use in a transaction. If you ...

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Fully Diluted Market Cap


Total Value Locked (TVL)


Market Dominance


Volume / Market Cap


1 ZIL = $0.0948620000 USD
1 USD = 0.094862 ZIL

ZilliqaZilliqa Price Chart US Dollar (ZIL/USD)

# Name Price % 1h % 24h MarketCap Circulating Supply Volume 7d
1 $0.1615327350 1.32% 6.25% $535.02 K 3,312,145 $213.40 K Gourmet Galaxy seven day chart
2 $0.0079202459 2.62% 15.25% $147.69 K 18,647,563 $20.95 BLOC.MONEY seven day chart
3 $0.0000000089 2.04% -52.35% $0.00 ? $2.60 M Shih Tzu seven day chart
4 $0.0000004068 -0.23% 7.71% $0.00 ? $1.20 M Lovely Inu seven day chart
5 $0.6017460984 2.12% -0.95% $0.00 ? $563.71 K My Crypto Heroes seven day chart
6 $0.1500364060 -0.73% 4.28% $0.00 ? $263.28 K 100 seven day chart
7 $0.0377752939 1.23% 1.72% $0.00 ? $? Lucky Property Development Invest seven day chart

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Live Statistics

Zilliqa price today is $0.0948620000 USD, which is up by 2.84% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly rise by 1.96%. Zilliqa’s market cap currently sits at $1,127,930,000.00 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #91. There is an upsurge in the weekly values by 4.71% Yesterday’s opening price reports to be $0.0938661024 USD while closing rates were $0.0931718573 USD The high/low price for yesterday was $0.0944198743 USD / $0.0912975892 USD and the volume were at $52,202,264 USD The high and low price for 7 days is $0.0979711000 USD / $0.0919558000 USD , for 30 days is $0.1032410000 USD / $0.0780049000 USD and for 90 days is $0.1310000000 USD / $0.0606345000 USD Zilliqa ranks no 91 in the market capitalization of Zilliqa is at $1,127,930,000.00 and its volume for 24 hours is $53,576,500. 11.89 B Zilliqa are under circulation, with total supply of 15.18 B and the Maximum supply of 21.00 B.

What is Sharding?

Sharding divides an extensive network into a small individual network parallelly. Each shared processes its macroblock parallelly with other shards, and the result will be collected into a final one.


Who created Zilliqa(ZIL)?

In June 2017, Zilliqa was launched by Xinshu Don and Amrit Kumar, researchers from the national university of Singapore.


How Does Zilliqa (ZIL) Work?

ZIL is unique and entirely built on the sharded structure. As we discussed, Sharding is a term that divides the network into smaller nodes. This feature is not new but first time used by Zilliqa in the blockchain. This research was conducted by a Singapore university named National University. Nodes are required to hold 600+ nodes to function correctly.


ZIL: it is a native currency of Zilliqa Blockchain. The primary use of ZIL is currency. On the other side, it is also used in smart contracts to execute it and miners get rewarded for network and security.


Scilla: this is a new scripting language, and this is a smart contract language and more secure than other languages. Scilla offers a more secure and robust programming language to developers.


DAPPS: Zilliqa has many decentralized applications live, and many more are on the way to be lived.  


Staking: ZIL users can earn more ZIL by staking. Currently, the ZIL platform offers a 6% annual return. They are very impressive, and various staking nodes are available for users on the platforms included, including Moonlet, Staked, Atomic Wallet, Zillacracy, and many more with secured annual returns.


Proof-of-Work of Zilliqa(ZIL): ZIL required the only POW on every 100 blocks. The work of PoW is to prevent Sybil attacks and generate identity nodes and not to behave consensus like Bitcoin.


What Makes Zilliqa Unique?

ZIL calls itself the world's first public blockchain, which is based on the shared network. That means it can produce high throughput and more transactions per second. Sharded solves the scalability problem because sharded processes do transactions individually. Whenever networks grow, shards increase and the number of transactions also increases. No additional time is required for records confirmation in the ZIL blockchain because records will be added promptly after the process is done. Zilliqa blockchain is required for large-cap businesses, including financial services, advertising, enterprise, gaming, and payment industries, making ZIL unique. 


Is Zilliqa secure?

Blockchains are very safe, and they use centralized data storage like Google and Visa. Thousands make blockchains of systems and impossible to hack. To hack blockchains, you need to get control of all nodes.


There are two main security features of Zilliqa.


  • Zilliqa has an HCM(Hybrid consensus mechanism): this is the first layer of Zilliqa. It checks the identity of nodes and stops cyber-attacks. In the second layer, HCM can finalize the transactions. So, there is no space for hard forks on the network.  
  • Scilla: it is a coding language, and it allows developers to build software and perform on the platform very safely. 


As we discussed, Zilliqa is safe but made by humans. So, there is no guarantee to keep ZIL safe for a long time. ZIL developers are working to improve its security day by day to keep ZIL secure.


The circulating supply of Zilliqa(ZIL)

Zilliqa is currently ranking on the number #69 globally. It comes under the top #100 valuable cryptocurrencies globally with the $1.81($ 1,809,805,495)billion market cap. The current circulating supply of ZIL is 12.79(12,790,226,440.80) billion out of the total supply of 21.00(21,000,000,000.00) billion. Its MAX supply is 21.00(21,000,000,000.00) billion, and currently, 24h trading volume is $ 174.02($ 174,020,985) million.


How to buy Zilliqa(ZIL)?

ZIL is now very popular among investors and growing day by day. So, it is available on all exchanges but buying ZIL from top exchanges makes our investment more secure and valuable. Create an account on any crypto exchange in just three simple steps includes: 

  • Signup to exchanges
  • Verify identity and despite funds.
  • Start buying and trading Ripple.

Once identification gets verified from the selected exchange, start buying or trading in ZIL. We are listing down some top and valuable exchange lists where ZIL is trading. 

Many exchanges do not allow users to deposit fiat currencies like INR, EURS, USD. In this case, buy other stable cryptocurrency pairs such as USDT/ZIL, USDC/ZIL, BTC/ZIL, ETH/ZIL equivalent to your decided fiat currency, and convert it to the ZIL.


Zilliqa Price Today

Zilliqa Price $0.0948620000 USD
24 Hour High / Low $0.0948620000 USD / $0.0907603875 USD
24 Hour Volume $53,576,500
Market Cap $1,127,930,000.00
Market Rank #91

Zilliqa Price Yesterday

Yesterday's High / Low $0.0944198743 USD / $0.0912975892 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close $0.0938661024 USD / $0.0931718573 USD
Yesterday's Change 0.0006942451 USD (%)
Yesterday's Volume $52,202,264 USD

Zilliqa Price History

7 Day High / Low $0.0979711000 USD / 0.0919558000 USD
30 Day High / Low $0.1032410000 USD / $0.0780049000 USD
90 Day High / Low $0.0606345000 USD / $0.1310000000 USD

Zilliqa Supply

Circulating Supply 11.89 B
Total Supply 15.18 B
Max Supply 21.00 B
Zilliqa Price (BTC) 0.00002367
1 Hour
24 Hours
7 Days
Zilliqa/Bitcoin Ratio 1 BTC = 0.0001596677 ZIL
Started 25 January 2018
Whitepaper Download
Development status On-going development
Org. Structure Centralized
Open Source 1
Proof Type Proof of Work
Algorithm Ethash
Hardware wallet -