Market Cap: $1,485,487,111,569.90
24h Vol: $63,577,293,747.66
BTC Dominance: 48.538981102533%
Cryptocurrencies: 5,930
Markets: 44,421
Eth Gas: 137 Gwei


Zilliqa (ZIL)

$0.0785367000 USD (1.41%)
0.00003117 BTC

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Market Cap

$908,256,000.00 USD

Volume (24h)

$43,602,100 USD

Circulating Supply

11,564,700,000 ZIL

Max Supply

21,000,000,000 ZIL

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Zilliqa Team Members

Name Position LinkedIn Twitter GitHub Medium
Xinshu Dong CEO LinkedIn - -
Yaoqi Jia Head of Technology LinkedIn - -
Amrit Kumar Head of Research LinkedIn - - -
Yiling Ding Chief Marketing Officer LinkedIn - - -
​Ong En Hui Head of Business Development LinkedIn - - -
Prateek Saxena Chief Scientific Advisor LinkedIn - -
Juzar Motiwalla Chief Strategist LinkedIn - -
Max Kantelia ​Chief Evangelist LinkedIn - - -
Addison Huegel Head of Communications LinkedIn - - -
Sophia Fang VP for Business Development LinkedIn - - -
Saiba Kataruka Marketing Lead LinkedIn - - -
Han Wen Developer Relations LinkedIn - - -
​​Jasmine Song Finance and Operations Executive LinkedIn - - -
Ilya Sergey Lead Language Designer - Github -
Sandip Bhoir Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Deli Gong Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Haichuan Liu Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Antonio Nicolas Nunez Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Kaustubh Shamshery Developer LinkedIn - - -
Jun Hao Tan Core Developer LinkedIn - -
Sheng Guang Xiao Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Clark Yang Core Developer LinkedIn - - -
Jacob Johannsen Compiler Developer LinkedIn - - -
Vaivaswatha Nagaraj Compiler Developer LinkedIn - - -
Ian Tan Full Stack Devoloper LinkedIn - - -
Edison Lim Blockchain Application Developer LinkedIn - - -
Siddhartha Sahai Developer LinkedIn - -
​Evan Cheng Advisor LinkedIn - - -
​Aquinas Hobor Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Alexander Lipton Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Loi Luu Advisor LinkedIn - Github Medium
Nicolai Oster Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Stuart Prior Advisor LinkedIn - - -
Christel Quek Advisor LinkedIn - -
Vincent Zhou Advisor LinkedIn - - -
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Zilliqa (ZIL) Price in USD with Live Chart & Market Cap

About Zilliqa :

Zilliqa is a most powerful, faster, scalable, and permissionless blockchain that empowers Smart Contracts to develop robust and secure decentralized applications. It is the most secure and robust next-generation blockchain platform based on "sharding" technology. Zilliqa is also known as a public blockchain, and it can do thousands of transactions in a single second. ZIL is a native token of the Zilliqa network which users can use in a transaction. If you ...

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Market Cap / TVL Ratio


Total Value Locked (TVL)


Volume / Market Cap


1 ZIL = $0.0785367000 USD
1 USD = 0.0785367 ZIL

Understand the Zilliqa wallet

Zilliqa (ZIL) is a digital currency. It is not like your fiat currency. It's one type of currency in the form of digital code. Let's understand in brief, you can store your fiat currency in a hard wallet, but how can you store your digital currency when the point comes to security? Here, the Zilliqa wallet came into existence.

A Zilliqa wallet is one type of application or software program, or you can say it's a digital application where you can store/hold your Zilliqa without any hesitation because it's very safe. Technically, it's like a bank. Once you credited your currency to the bank. Your bank application shows the number that you have credited to the bank. Same in the Zilliqa wallet, you will see the exact amount you have invested and a quantity according to your money.

Now the question is, what else comes in the wallet? The wallet comes with a security key (private key) called a wallet address to accept and send the Zilliqa.

Let's understand how wallets work.

  • How can you receive Zilliqa?
  • Start google and type wallet app and choose to receive options.
  • Select in which wallet you want to receive Zilliqa. Keep in mind selecting a BCH wallet option if you are receiving Zilliqa cash. Else select ZIL wallet while you want to receive Zilliqas.
  • Now, the wallet generates an address. At that address, you can receive coins. Copy that address and provide it to cryptocurrency exchange or any person who is sending you Zilliqas.

How can you send Zilliqa?

  • Open the wallet app and select the Send option.
  • The first way is to scan the QR code with your phone app or copy the receiver address into your mobile app.
  • Choose the right wallet, select BCH while sending Zilliqa Cash or select ZIL while you want to send Zilliqas.
  • Enter the correct value before sending. And before it, check all the details carefully because any small mistake will put you in trouble.

Here, you should know how many wallets exist today to store Zilliqas or any cryptocurrency coins. There are web, mobile, and hardware wallets that are in work today to store or hold any cryptos or Zilliqas.