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Privacy Policy of DigitalCoinPrice

This policy will explain what we are maintaining on this website and what we are doing with the user's private data. They should know who is visiting our website regularly. This policy explains how we are using cookies and connects other services.

We maintain this policy regularly, and please check it occasionally to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

Utilizing our website means you agree to our Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect?

We collect the email address for better communication to solve your queries. Email address, aggregate information like keeping information of which pages the users are frequently visiting, IP addresses, geographic location, date and time, and all user information provided during the signup process.

If users log in through Facebook, what information do we collect?

We offer a service on our (a cryptocurrency data aggregator) that allows a user to log in to the site using their Facebook account if they so wish.

For easy access, if a user login into with Facebook, we only collect and store three things: Email Address, FirstName, and LastName. We are not collecting any other details except what we have mentioned above.

Please note that the details collected here are used for a quick login facility on only. Any user coming back for a second time can log in quickly after logging in through Facebook.

Any organization or individual authority will not access Facebook's collected data. Also, we don't sell and share these data with any organization, and we keep this data private.

Data deletion process for Facebook?

As per your policy, we have described how users can delete their connectivity from their Facebook account. We have also mentioned these steps on the site. Please check the given data deletion policy on the site below.

Link: Data Deletion

You can delete your activities of from the Facebook account by the following steps below.

  1. Click on Privacy & Settings in Your Facebook Account. Click” Setting. “
  2. After that, click “Apps and Websites,” where you’ll find all the Apps activities you’ve done.
  3. Click the “DigitalCoinPrice” option box.
  4. Then select and “Remove” it.
  5. Well done! Your activities have been removed.

How do we share your information in a proper way?

We do not sell or share your information or personal data to a third party or other organization to take any financial benefits. We don't share any private data of the users. In some special circumstances, we share our information, and those reasons are:

  1. In some serious conditions like investigating, preventing fraud, taking action regarding illegal information. violation of terms and services, and in any illegal activity, is it necessary to share your information,
  2. DigitalCoinPrice could share your information if we merged with another company. In this case, we will let you know in brief before sharing your information.
  3. We may aggregate, anonymize, and publish data for statistical and research purposes only. For instance, we may compile and share information related to the popularity of certain products tracked by users. In any such instance, the information will not be able to be traced back to any individual.


A cookie is a tiny data size considered a unique identifier stored in a computer hard drive from your computer system. Any advertisement management partner uses cookies to record current session information.

Cookies store your browsing history. It will not store your personal information like name, address, location, ip address, email, financial information, email, etc.

Data Storage Location

DigitalCoinPrice is placed on third-party hosting partners to get the software, hardware, storage space, networking, and other related technology to keep running the DigitalCoinPrice website. All databases, code, and all related rights own the DigitalCoinPrice itself.

Security patch

We keep all user's data very safe and secure. We always keep precautions regarding user's security. We always keep an eye on users' security, but we cannot guarantee that hackers or unauthorized personnel may gain access to your personal information despite our efforts. You should note that in using the CoinMarketCap service, your information will travel over the Internet and through third-party infrastructures and mobile networks, which are not under our control.

Policy Update

We randomly change our policy based on our website's new updates. Once we update our legal policy, we may notify you about it. So, check back occasionally to ensure that you agree with the changes. If you do not agree with the updated policy, please feel free to contact us.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding our Private Policy, please feel free to contact us.