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What is SIP?

SIP term indicates Systematic Investment Plan, which means you can invest a fixed amount of money periodically without any market risk.

By investing in mutual funds stepwise, you can create a systematic investment plan. Investments are made on a fixed date for a fixed period with a fixed amount (usually monthly or quarterly). The returns generated by the scheme are market-based.

You can estimate the value of your SIP investments using the SIP planner calculator. The calculator computes the future value by entering information such as expected returns, investment amount, and others

Risks can be reduced by investing periodically.

Normal Crypto Buying

We face the consequences of bad trading decisions driven by hype and fear of missing out.

Market timing can be difficult. No one can do it perfectly.

A sharp drop in price causes most people to panic sell.

The market needs to be monitored regularly.

SIP strategy Buying

Investment plans with automated decision-making reduce the potential for temperamental decisions.

As long as you are saving for the long term, timing the market is unnecessary.

Your investment is less likely to go negative.

Invest and relax without worrying about the market

How does SIP Calculator work?

In SIP, if someone invests a small chunk of money periodically, a calculator calculates the overall amount you invested. Mainly, the SIP calculator works by the values entered by the users. To understand how exactly it is working, check the given calculation below.

FV = P [ (1+i)^n-1] * (1+i)/i
FV (Future Value) =The amount you receive at the time
P =amount that you planning to invest through SIP (Systematic Investment plan)
I =Compounded return
N =Investment duration (Months Basis)
R =Expected rate of return
For instance: Your invested amount is 2000 (Monthly) for 24 months.
(r) means your predicted 12% return annually
The is you have i = r/100/12 or 0.01.
FV = 2000 [(1+0.01) ^24 - 1] (1+0.01)/0.01
Your calculated maturity amount is 54,486 (based on your expected return)

Who can use this cryptocurrency SIP calculator?

This individual is planning to invest their money in cryptocurrency but, they are afraid of investing all of their money. Using the SIP strategy, they can invest any specific amount every month. You can use this calculator to check your future profit on current investments if you are not ready to invest right now.

What are the major terms for this calculator?

Invested Amount: This option shows how much you have invested in your selected period.

Return: Shown the expected value at the time of maturity. Keep in mind that the calculator shows a rough idea of how much an investor can earn in the long term.

Interest: This shows the return on investment (Rate of Interest) you earned on your invested amount until maturity.

Gain: the percentage ROI (Return On Investment).

Current Price: You can view the current price of the crypto you have selected at the time of investment.

Bitcoin: Your total amount of crypto earned during the selected period.

Annual Depreciation Expense = ( Cost of the Asset - Salvage Value ) / Useful Life of the Asset

Ex: Final return in percentage / Current currency price = The total crypto you earned till the date of maturity

Total SIP: The section shows the total SIP of your selected period.

How to use a crypto SIP calculator?

Operating a crypto SIP calculator is very easy to use. Check out the given steps below.

Step 1: First of all, decide which cryptocurrency you plan to invest in.

Step 2: Select the preferred fiat currency you will replace with your decided cryptocurrency.

Step 3: Choose the investment time for how long you are going to invest, including the investment frequency.

Step 4: Decide the amount of money that you have decided to invest in cryptos.

Step 5: Enter how many years you are planning to invest.

Step 6: Enter your expected rate of return.