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Evaluating PulseX Coin’s Value and Predicting: Its Future Price and Trading Prospects

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By , Updated On November 08, 2023

When people trade currencies and make them their primary income, and a new coin appears on the cryptocurrency market, users, be they traders, or investors, want to know how promising the market cap of that coin is. Among other things, it is useful to know what factors influence the formation of the market price of the asset in the crypto space.

 In 2023, PulseX (PLSX) is one of those coins that is generating discussion in the crypto trading community. Let’s take a look at what factors can shape its value. With PulseX today gaining traction, it’s crucial to understand the tokenomics consulting, the potential for growth, and the latest updates on PulseX price.

 Whether you are considering buying PulseX (PLSX) or simply want to stay informed about the latest developments, this blog will provide you with valuable insights. Stay tuned to discover how PulseX (PLSX) is making waves in the trading world and how it can impact your investment portfolio.

The launch of the Uniswap fork: What is PulseX exchange?

PulseChain, the layer-1 blockchain solution, was founded by Richard Heart (the launch date is on May 13, 2023.) As part of the PulseChain network, PulseX (PLSX) serves as a decentralized exchange (DEX) where users can easily swap different tokens, particularly PRC20s. Acting as a fork of Uniswap, PulseX is specifically designed to prioritize liquidity and streamline the process of token exchanges.

Pulse Chains exchange PulseX enables users to easily swap PulseChain’s native token PLS for PulseX’s token PLSX. The platform also facilitates the trading of various assets from other chains on PulseX, thanks to its bridges. With PulseX exchange, users can provide liquidity in the form of PLS or PRC20s and earn high yields, offering a less risky alternative to trading and ensuring a predictable income. Each swap on PulseX incurs a 0.29% fee, a portion of which goes to liquidity providers. By becoming liquidity providers, PulseChain users can earn fees from the swaps that take place on the platform. Moreover, PulseX implements mechanisms that could potentially reduce the amount of PLSX over time through a buy-and-burn model.

Now you have an idea of what is PulseX.

PulseX price: Pulsex price drivers

When it comes to PulseX value, there are several pricing factors common to crypto assets. The current price of PulseX is also subject to them.

Supply and Demand

The basic economic law of supply and demand works with PLSX price as well as for other asset classes.

If there is a higher demand for a particular cryptocurrency, such as PulseX crypto, compared to the number of people willing to sell it, the price is expected to increase. The concept is not limited to the number of tokens available but also extends to factors like circulating supply and trading volume. Some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, have a fixed supply, while others, like Ethereum, do not. Market participants often perceive tokens with less trading volume and a fixed circulating supply to have less selling pressure. Traders and investors closely analyze these factors, along with exchange tokens data, to make informed trade decisions in the crypto market.


In the realm of cryptocurrency, assessing health and growth involves various elements such as:

  • the growth of network addresses;
  • number of nodes;
  • developers’ activities;
  • presence and progress of dapps on the network;
  • scalability;
  • decentralization;
  • network security, and the potential real-world applications of the protocol.

Blockchain scalability, a vital fundamental aspect, consists of three interconnected concepts: data security, speed, and decentralization. These factors are vital for effective blockchain development, ensuring the availability of real-time and historical data.

Macroeconomy factors

Crypto prices are influenced by macro factors, which are the ones that impact the overall economy. The state of the economy, such as a recession, can affect people’s willingness to invest or spend money on crypto. Interest rates and inflation are macro factors that the crypto market participants pay attention to as they can also impact crypto USD prices.

Current market cap

Market capitalization refers to the market value of a company’s equity. It is a convenient and reliable way to estimate a company’s worth, particularly for publicly traded companies. In the world of cryptocurrency, where new tokens or coins are frequently introduced, the market cap can be affected.

It’s important to note that while market cap doesn’t directly influence crypto price, it is a valuable tool for investors who are assessing potential investments.

Pulsex price prediction: Prediction 2023

Speaking of PulseX price prediction and how to buy PulseX let’s see what the price of PulseX is today.

First, here’s what was reported about PulseX price at launch on the crypto project’s official website.

And the community has long puzzled over how much PulseX will cost after launch.

Today’s coin price is $ 0.000019 with a 24-hour trading volume of $3.934032.

So traders hardly need predictions for 2023, today the dynamics of the coin can be seen on different trading floors.

Pulsex Price Prediction 2025

PulseX price prediction 2025 and beyond looks more relevant. Currently, the token is demonstrating an increase.

And many analysts believe that the price of this asset will continue to grow.

However, it is important to consider the various factors that may impact the crypto community’s trust in PulseX, which could make these optimistic predictions less realistic. One such factor to note is the dual reputation of PulseChain’s founder. If you are interested in gaining more insights into cryptocurrency and blockchain trends, Web 3.0 agency Fracas, has a team that can provide valuable assistance.

Pulsex contract address

Only a little bit of technical information about PulseX remains to be added for interested traders. For example PulseX contract address 0x95b303987a60c71504d99aa1b13b4da07b0790ab

Using this PulseX token address you can Add PulseX to Metamask.


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