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Five Ways to Make Use of Your Cryptocurrency Wallet in 2024 

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By , Updated On May 27, 2024

It’s 2024, and cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way we make decentralized payments, no matter what part of the world you reside in. The format of online assets has grown so large, now, more than ever, is the time to make use of your virtual wallet. 

When it comes to the more traditional ways of making centralized payments (i.e. high street banking, or fixed assets), managing your net worth is often far more difficult — as banks sometimes block large payments from your accounts if they cannot verify a payment. This, along with traditional banks often having security breaches, proves that they are less reliable than new formats available in our society. Traditional banks are also often victims of hacking or data breaches, which compromises not only your data but your funds, too. 

Centralized banks fail to openly tell you, or leave it in the small print, but only a tiny percentage of your funds are financially secure if anything were to happen to the bank itself; proving that now is the time to transfer to virtual wallets.


What Are Virtual Wallets?

Also referred to as digital wallets, your virtual wallet is an electronic system that enables you as a consumer to store, send, and save various amounts of funds/currency. This includes traditional payment methods such as euros, dollars, and pounds — but also enables you to send cryptocurrencies. You can access your virtual wallet through the internet, and they offer a reliable and secure method of dealing with your digital assets. Payments are far more safe, including sending traditional fiat currency (such as dollars, euros, etc.) and cryptocurrencies.

Here are the reasons you should use a virtual wallet:

  • Brilliant way of storage: An e-wallet acts as a safe place for your various currencies, and safeguards all personal information. It also means that you can keep your cryptocurrency together in one place, and buy into the most trending sources. 
  • Easier transactions: When you have an online wallet, you can make far more flexible transactions than if you used traditional payment methods. For example — transfers, withdrawals, and payments can be processed quickly, and taken from any payment source. This includes directly from your wallet and from a variety of digital platforms that aren’t as regulated at highstreet banking providers. 
  • Improved security: Above all else, security is a prominent factor, leading people toward a virtual wallet. When you have a crypto wallet, for example, it comes with its own encryption, which prevents hackers, data breaches, and security issues. In the long run, your funds are more protected and your personal information is protected from attacks.  


Ways You Can Use Your Crypto This Year

2024 is the biggest year for cryptocurrency, and with a total ​​world combination of over £1.77 trillion — it seems like now is the time to utilize your funds. Here are five ways that you can spend crypto and make use of your digital wallet.

  1. Online Casinos 

The entertainment industry is bigger than it has ever been because of technological advancements — and this provides a financial opportunity for online gamblers. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are perfect choices when gambling online in a bitcoin casino because online casinos offer discounts, prizes, and bonuses when using this new method of payment. Not only does it benefit you financially to use crypto in this manner, but it also offers an unparalleled level of security and faster transactions when cashing out. 

  1. Decentralized Investments 

You may have seen the phrase DeFi doing the rounds this year, and that’s because decentralized finance is now a new way to invest your cryptocurrency. It brings a high level of financial services to a user, without the need for any middlemen. Your digital wallet of crypto allows you to start investing, lending, borrowing, or yield farming — all while earning a passive income and boosting your current assets. 

  1. NFT 

NFTs are everywhere, and for this year, they’re only getting bigger. Also known as non-fungible tokens, NFTs are the trailblazers in digital assets and allow you to transfer ownership of digital art, video, audio, or photos — all through your crypto wallet. Find an NFT marketplace, and you can then go on to buy, sell, and trade these assets, which turn into lifelong investments. Building a portfolio in digital form has never been bigger, and it’s now a way you can manage your assets without central forces causing you to lose out on investments. 

  1. Crypto Debit Cards 

Long before this widely-versed world of crypto came onto the scene, cryptocurrency in itself was extremely hard to spend on the general market. However, in today’s world, crypto is king, and businesses are now accepting/creating their very own crypto banking cards. The cards themselves give access to the users all over the world, and it works the same as any old bank card. Your virtual assets are now able to be used with a huge array of merchants across the world — just like your regular debit card. 

  1. Personal Transactions 

Have you ever needed to send someone money and then found out that they had to wait 24 hours to receive it? Well, not anymore! Peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms have now come to fruition, which allows crypto owners to easily transfer their friends and family money in an instant. This streamlines any payment processes, cuts down on time delays, and the best bit? Prevents any location barriers when it comes to sending or receiving funds. 

It’s clear — cryptocurrency is so mainstream now that it is one of the most used forms of currency around the world. Users can transmit their assets in a digital form, which protects them and enables them to get the best bang for their buck. Where will we be by next year? We can’t wait to see this new world evolving as fast as lighting.