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Kriptomat has made the power and convenience of automated trading available to cryptocurrency buyers and investors. 

Kriptomat Automated Buy & Sell works just like the automated trading services offered by high-priced investment advisors to their wealthy clients. But at Kriptomat, there is no charge for using this service. 

Automatic management for your crypto portfolio

With Kriptomat Automated Buy & Sell, customers can specify price triggers for executing crypto transactions. Kriptomat software monitors crypto prices on a 24/7 basis. The software executes the customer’s transactions when prices rise or fall to hit the trigger amounts the user defined – even if the customer is offline, asleep, or enjoying a holiday far from the nearest Wi-Fi link.

Automated Buy & Sell relieves crypto investors of the burdensome requirement to monitor prices. Customers can be confident that their buy and sell orders will be executed promptly when trigger conditions are met.

Not a bot

Unlike trading robots, which respond to evolving market conditions by implementing strategies under their own volition, Kriptomat Automated Buy & Sell makes only the trades that are explicitly authorized by individual customers.

The service helps busy investors save time by executing investment strategies automatically, relieving them of the need to obsessively monitor prices and market conditions. 

Do you want to convert some of your Ethereum or Dogecoins to cash when the price rises? An Automated Sell order can make sure it happens – automatically and promptly.

Want to buy some Cardano or Shiba Inu for a song? Specify your strike price in an Automated Buy order and it will be executed immediately when the price drops to your target.

Automated Buy & Sell is part of a suite of Kriptomat features that make advanced investing and portfolio management techniques available to users who lack a background in blockchain technology or investing. Other tools include recurring buys, 24/7 price notifications, and KriptomatPay, a solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and influencers who wish to receive crypto payments. Kriptomat’s business-to-business tools include the KriptoRamp crypto onboarding widget and Crypto Exchange White Label API for Web3 enterprises looking to onboard users.

About Kriptomat

Founded in 2018, Kriptomat has revolutionized the cryptocurrency world with the introduction of the simplest platform in Europe. Kriptomat makes digital finance so simple that everybody everywhere can access the freedom, fairness, and fulfillment that crypto represents. Hundreds of thousands of customers across Europe and in 120 countries worldwide trust Kriptomat when they buy, sell, swap, earn, share, and invest in crypto.