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Get Paid Fast and Secure: The Safest Instant Withdrawal Methods for Gambling, E-commerce, Finance and More

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By , Updated On November 06, 2023

One of the biggest choices you have to make when playing in online casinos is choosing the payment method for your transactions. However, statistics show that Skrill has won its place in the top choices for online casino users. After some research, we have concluded that Skrill is by far and away the best and safest payment method for deposits and withdrawals in 2023. 

According to the leading gambling industry site KingCasinoBonus, players have the process of depositing or withdrawing money as a primary standard for platforms. Among the most popular payment methods, Skrill is one of the fastest payment methods, especially used for gambling platforms. 

Used by over 21% of UK players, Skrill offers near-instantaneous casino cashouts. Thanks to its electronic format, Skrill breezes past the typical 3-5 day waits imposed by traditional bank transfers. So next time you score big, don’t let your winnings waste away in withdrawal limbo. For lightning-speed payouts, join the 1 in 5 British bettors embracing Skrill.

What Makes Skrill So Good?

We have established that Skrill is the best payment option, in our opinion. Now, here is a breakdown of the aspects that make Skrill stand out from the rest.

Skrill works on almost all devices

You can access Skrill through a web browser, as Skrill is compatible with most operating systems and browsers. For mobile users, Skrill also has an app for both Android and iOS mobile devices that you can download from the Play Store and App Store. This makes Skrill convenient for anyone. 

Skrill has a Prepaid Card

Skrill offers a prepaid card that is linked to your account. This card lets you take cash from ATMs and buy things in person. Activating the card is simple, and it is quite inexpensive to use. Nevertheless, it is important to be mindful of specific charges, as indicated in the Skrill Fees table provided earlier.

Skrill works in multiple countries 

Skrill has the authority to handle payments to and from all countries worldwide, except for countries subjected to sanctions by the World Bank or the United Nations. This places it at a higher level than the competition, which tends to be cautious and remain within the boundaries of well-established countries.

Skrill is Safe and Secure

Here are the reasons why we consider Skrill to be the safest payment method for online casinos:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority regulates Skrill. 
  • Keeping your money safe is Skrill’s top priority, as they follow all rules and regulations.
  • They have implemented many systems to reduce the risk of fraud or theft. For example, Skrill will try to identify your device’s IP address while requesting you to enable a two-step authentication. However, these features can only function if you allow them access. 

Some Disadvantages of Skrill 

The Verification Process Takes Time 

Skrill users have complained that the verification process takes longer than others. 

Skrill users must provide a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. 

As the verification process is throughout, we must admit it is essential for a secure environment to impose these steps. 

Customer Service 

Skrill has a chatbot named Sofia. This means you will not be connected directly to an actual customer support representative but to the in-house AI chatbot. This feature is available for already-registered users.

High Chargeback Fees

The chargeback fee on Skrill is around $28, which is a bit higher when put against other eWallets like PayPal. The fee might be a bit high, but they do not impose any fees for setting up an account or providing protection against fraud, which means you receive those services without any cost.

Skrill is a great tool for online payments 

Skrill is not perfect. It charges a high fee, and the verification processing time can vary from country to country. But it is a secure and legitimate eWallet that is one of the safest ones out there. We highly recommend you try Skrill for all your online gambling needs.