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In the last years, recruiters showed great interest in people with higher education, which led to a greater need for money among potential students. However, due to the economy’s fragility, students started searching for alternative solutions to not depend on banks.

And it’s not just the students. Entrepreneurs who are struggling to raise money to bring their business ideas to life also need alternative options. Bank practices are inconsistent, and start-up financing programs are highly competitive.

But these years are also coming with good news – cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular with each passing day. That made people feel more financial and data secured.

But no one considered this technology could also respond to the prayers of students and entrepreneurs, except Student Coin’s team.

What is Student Coin about?

Student Coin is an ecosystem built on blockchain technology that increases the functionality of cryptos.

The project was designed to make it possible for individuals and legal entities to build their tokens and cure others of digital anxiety.

Student Coin is sustained by over 500 academic institutions, all of them conquered by its potential. Top universities such as Stanford, Harvard, and Newcastle are just some of the names that support it. 

What does Student Coin offer?

There are currently two features you can already use and two that will be valid from the Q3 of 2021.

Available features

  1. The crypto learning program

The board consists of five sections, ranging from basic details about blockchain technology to studies about the most influential cryptocurrencies. To complete a written course, you need to pass the exams as you go.

  1. The voting option

You have the right to vote for project implementation decisions, sign multiple petitions, and even participate in university elections by keeping the STC token – the platform’s core currency.

Upcoming features

  1. The exchange platform

This is an essential feature that will boost the value of STC-based tokens over the years.

  1. Personal tokens

Users can build these tokens without vast technical knowledge, opening the door to an impressive income strategy – crowdfunding.

How does it work?

Every student can build his token and put it on the market for sale.

These tokens are then bought by other users, giving the student the money he needs for tuition. Once he graduates and becomes employed, he will start paying back the loan.

This approach provides students with funds while eliminating the fear of major changes in their interest rate or the bank’s operations. 

And those who want funding to start up their own company may also use this approach.

Final words

In recent years, the crypto area has changed a lot. 

As long as brilliant minds discover new blockchain technology applications, the economy will regain its balance, and we will have a better lifestyle.