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Bitcoin Price Prediction: Is Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin? How Soon Can BTC Price Hit $30,000 Again?

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By , Updated On June 02, 2023


  • We analyze the latest bitcoin trends, including macrorisks and on-chain/flow metrics, to determine the right time and risks to buy bitcoin.
  • It is expected that Bitcoin trading will be bearish for the next two to four weeks. Our expectations are for prices to remain stable or fall.
  • Nevertheless, we view Bitcoin as an ideal long-term investment for the next three to three years and expect it to continue to rise. As a result, we anticipate long-term Bitcoin price increases.

All cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have had a challenging year in 2022. Cryptocurrency market value dropped nearly 65% in 2022. In addition to the Terra Luna crash, FTX fallout, and looming macroeconomic conditions, crypto enthusiasts have been caught off guard by unfortunate events.

The next step is always a mystery: what will happen? What are the chances of Bitcoin rising again in 2023? Will 2022 be the crash year?

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Throughout 2022, bitcoin’s price fell steadily but recovered in 2023. On January 1, it was $16,000; this year, it is $27,152, a 63% rise. As the Federal Reserve’s hiking cycle neared its end, Bitcoin prices exceeded $30,000 last month.

However, Bitcoin has retraced its steps in recent weeks. A deteriorating macro backdrop is the main cause. There is still a tight labor market. A 4.4% rise in used car prices in April led to modest progress towards disinflation (April CPI showed only modest improvement on disinflation). Jerome Powell, the Fed Chair, said recently that “we still have a long way to go” in getting inflation back down to 2%.

Fed Open Market Committee (FOMC) rates are expected to rise 5% a month by 25 basis points in June. Our research suggests that the markets underprice the possibility of such a move. Given the ongoing inflation and growth dynamics, Bitcoin will likely decline in June (unless a debt ceiling crisis occurs).

Is it a good time to buy Bitcoin? In a nutshell, probably not. Macroeconomic conditions bearishly affect Bitcoin. Various metrics related to Bitcoin’s on-chain/flow are analyzed. We are, therefore, bearish overall. There may be a better time to buy Bitcoin if you plan to hold it for two to four weeks.

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Will Bitcoin Rise Again In 2023?

Around $26,250 is the current price of Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Withdrawals have been halted and transaction fees have risen for two weeks, bringing down bitcoin.

However, a very slight recovery was visible in Bitcoin due to encouraging macroeconomic conditions witnessed in the U.S., as the economy was hopeful that the U.S. Despite the 10th month of moderate inflation in the United States, the Federal Reserve might pause the rate hike soon. Inflation in the U.S. has cooled in recent months, causing crypto investors to expect a rebound in the currency.

Despite this, major cryptocurrency coins, including Bitcoin, continue to trade in the red, as investors continue to monitor UK inflation data and U.S. debt ceiling negotiations that could trigger further interest rate increases from the Federal Reserve. The negativity surrounding Bitcoin has caused Bitcoin to fall almost 10% this month and almost 7% so far this quarter due to all the negativity.

As a result of the large volume of pending transactions on two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, Bitcoin was trading downward last week. Technical issues were cited as the reason. As of the time of this writing, Bitcoin stood comfortably at $29,000, and its price was on its way to $30,000.

In the near future, Bitcoin is expected to reach $30,000 if it is able to hold onto its $26,000 resistance level.

Since June 10, 2022, Bitcoin had been unable to reach the key resistance level of $30,000 since April. As a result, it declined below $28,000.

Bitcoin’s price has surged 80% this year. In November 2021, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $69,000, but is still down almost 50% from that level.

According to recent market reports, there is around $1.10 trillion worth of cryptocurrencies in circulation globally. Stablecoins now account for $8.61 billion, or 92.96% of the total crypto market volume, according to CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin’s dominance at the time of writing stands at 46.14 percent, which represents a decrease of 0.19% from yesterday’s value.

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, plunged to under $20,000. Since the fallout from Silicon Valley Bank in the U.S., the world’s largest digital asset has rebounded sharply. As an alternative to conventional banking, cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity in response to the recent financial crisis in the U.S.

As Bitcoin has had a somewhat turbulent year, retail investors need to be very careful and watchful about every move they make. In spite of the currency’s strong performance, Bitcoin is still down almost 50% from its all-time high. Several macroeconomic factors, such as those in the U.S. and UK, contribute to such volatility.

India’s stance on cryptocurrencies has also remained rigid, as it has brought all crypto-related transactions under its Money Laundering Act. The Federal Financial Services Ministry of India defined the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) as governing all transactions related to virtual currencies or digital assets.

It appears that the current development will have a negative effect on the cryptocurrency community in India. As a step towards regulating the space, industry professionals have praised the move. Any issues will be resolved directly by enforcement agencies without regulators.

Bitcoin’s halves event will be held in 2024, which is another reason why experts are bullish on the cryptocurrency. Each four years, Bitcoin’s halving event reduces mining payouts by half (miners receive 3.125 BTC instead of 4 BTC). The halving helps reduce Bitcoin’s supply, so it is generally positive for its price.

Will Bitcoin Crash Again in 2023?

Those who believe in Bitcoin do not have a bearish view (investors, corporations, and large institutions). It was a bull trap, rather than a bull run, that characterised this rally. Mobius Capital Partners’ founder, billionaire investor Mark Mobius, predicted a steep fall in 2022. Bitcoin may fall to $10,000 shortly.

Also predicting a decline in Bitcoin, Matthew Sigel, research head of digital assets at VanEck, cites higher energy prices as a reason for his prediction.

Standard Chartered was also very surprised by its Bitcoin prediction. The authors predicted that Bitcoin would reach $5,000 in 2023.

For a while, Bitcoin’s price may only rebound due to rising interest rates and tighter monetary policy, as risky assets like Bitcoin are more likely to be avoided in this uncertain market. The market would be under extreme pressure again if BTC holders sold their positions.

If I am a beginner, should I invest in Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have grown beyond their infancy. A new asset class is reshaping the investment landscape with blockchain technology and decentralised finance (DeFi).

Long-term Bitcoin investments are worthwhile. Bitcoin’s volatility must also be noted. Short-term price movements are large, meaning large value changes. There are risks associated with investing: your money could be lost in whole or in part. It is not advisable to invest if you are not capable of losing money.

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How to Make Money Investing in Bitcoin

Fear of missing out can lead to impulsive behaviour. You probably know Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss, two Bitcoin billionaires who have amassed over 100,000 coins. Are you familiar with Barry Silbert, founder of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Coinbase? If people don’t invest as soon as possible after a success story like this, they are likely to feel FOMO – or the fear of missing out.

Cryptocurrencies must be understood before investing in them. Traditional asset classes cannot be compared to crypto tokens. Each of them is unique. Ethereum is a different type of currency from Bitcoin, which you must learn even though you understand Bitcoin.

Each currency uses different protocols and technologies. Those factors affect volatility, trading style, and value. Stocks, commodities, and currencies are examples of them. There is a different supply structure for each crypto token.

Crypto markets are worthwhile. New markets, such as valuable, scarce digital assets, can be created through technology, while existing markets can be captured.

Buying Bitcoin during a dip is the best time: Buy the dip before it rises

Bitcoin is best bought during price dips, say some. A low price and a rebound seem like attractive options at first. Timing dips have numerous risks. Does it mean the price will drop long-term, or is it a dip?

When contemplating whether to buy Bitcoin, we recommend paying attention to the long-term macro picture. Investing in Bitcoin requires appropriate sizing to survive a 50% to 80% drawdown. When global growth momentum is falling, and central bank rates are rising, drawdowns provide suitable entry points for exposure.

Get more profit through the Bitcoin SIP strategy

Is Bitcoin a good investment for Indians in 2023?

How should Indian crypto investors respond to such varied predictions about Bitcoin? In this uncertain environment, maybe it would be better to avoid taking any action that would result in severe losses instead of carefully watching Bitcoin moves. According to Indian crypto industry experts, crypto investors should wait and watch and take any further actions carefully.

“Investor sentiment toward bitcoin remains mixed as rising interest rates and a strengthening dollar push investors to exercise caution,” says Sathvik Vishwanath, co-founder and CEO of Unocoin.

The underlying technology of Bitcoin continues to attract interest from various industries and will remain popular as an investment option. Despite Bitcoin’s recent rise, it is difficult to predict where it will go in the future. A key concern to watch in the coming months will be rising interest rates and inflation worries.

It is very important for crypto investors to make educated investments, according to Avinash Shekhar, the founder and CEO of TaxNodes. Investing strategies should be developed based on the investor’s investment goals. It is important to allocate a predetermined weight to crypto as an asset class based on the investor’s investment goals and expected returns.

Investing huge amounts of savings in cryptos, he argues, will harm their capital base, so it’s better to invest small amounts repeatedly.

Bitcoin is, however, believed by most market experts to rise again in the future. In his interview with ZebPay, Raj Karkara argues that Bitcoin is a good investment. In spite of market conditions, Bitcoin’s fundamentals remain unwavering.

“It is unlikely that Bitcoin will fall again in 2023 unless there are macroeconomic headwinds. He also believes that crypto investors and traders should research an asset extensively before investing in it. Moreover, Bitcoin investors can protect themselves from market volatility by using a systematic investment plan (SIP).

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Bitcoin: Is now a good time to buy?

The Bitcoin price will decline over the next two to four weeks. The prices are expected to fall as a result. The overall outlook for Bitcoin is bullish over the next three to three years. Our long-term expectation is that prices will rise.

How soon should I sell my Bitcoin?

Buying low and selling high is the traditional wisdom. Your financial goals, investment horizon, and risk appetite determine whether you should sell Bitcoin. Any decision to trade or invest in Bitcoin should be based on an analysis of crypto fundamentals, even though some websites speculate that certain days of the week are better or worse than others for acquiring Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency: Is it a good investment?

According to our research, the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies are worth investing in. In addition to their volatility, they are also highly unpredictable. In other words, it is not uncommon for market prices to fluctuate greatly quickly. Understand the risks of investing before deciding: you may lose all or part of your investment. Losing money is never an option.

What was the lowest price of Bitcoin?

The lowest Bitcoin price since 2021 was $15,711 on November 22, 2022. There was a time when Bitcoin was much lower – under $10,000 – before its major bull run in late 2020. While Bitcoin has declined significantly, it has not reached these lows.

Is it possible to lose money buying Bitcoin (BTC) right now?

Bitcoin’s value fluctuates like all investments. Although Bitcoin will not lose its value completely if it declines by 50% or 80%, investors should be prepared to do so if it declines by 50% or 80%. Investing in small amounts and diversifying your portfolio is recommended. Losing money is never a good investment.

Final Words

Many people have bullish and bearish perspectives on Bitcoin, depending on their perspective. The future of Bitcoin can only be predicted with time. Bitcoin has a fantastic comeback capacity because of its resilient nature. The Bitcoin bubble has been predicted to burst by several veteran experts for the past decade. Although it has been a long-term success, the poster boy of cryptocurrency continues to be adored by some and has also made substantial fortunes for investors.